The Gold & the Beautiful


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Ed Gale as Animatronics Bear Cub
John Aniston as Gerard Benedict
John Farley as Chuck
Kevin P. Farley as Victor Howard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cecilia_gronquist 1 / 10 / 10

the worst movie of all time!

Don't waste time to watch this horrible film. I suspect that Agnes-Nicole wrote all the reviews herself. She is a horrendous actress, and it's ludicrous that she portraits a 35- year-old. Heed my advice and stay away from this so called movie... The plot is weak, the acting is ATROCIOUS and you really think the whole thing is a joke. But no. It's not. Agnes-Nicole Winter was absolutely sincere when she made this movie, and that is what makes it so tragic. Agnes Nicole (born in 1956) portrays Kristy Benedict, 35 years old. I rest my case. In short: stay away from this atrocity of a movie! You will thank me later. And Agnes-Nicole: Are you that desperate that you feel inclined to write favorable reviews? Really!

Reviewed by zarman-78084 1 / 10 / 10

A film that teenagers would make for a class-project

What is there to say ? This movie is ludicrous and a shame to the American film industry. Being advertised by a Swedish reality show , the expectations were already very low . But this movie , somehow, surprised me ( in a negative way ) The acting is comparable with hobby acting , which the actors all are: hobby actors . The story and message is cliché , plain and childish . The action scenes , if you can even call them that, were ridiculous. They pretty much consisted of bad and fake punches , and when they hit their target the editor just clipped the scene. This movie is as bad as a movie can get . I'm not joking , this movie shares the same quality with movies my brother's class made for a project. The only difference is that this film is longer and even worse. Even though it tried to make you laugh by featuring overused , boring , child-sitcommish jokes , the source of laughter was the movie's badness. Yes, I sometimes laughed at the badness of the movie. I also occasionally cried due to the badness of the movie when watching it.

Reviewed by ika_nerys 1 / 10 / 10

A joke?

This movie is downright embarrassing. Don't bother to watch this cliché filled disaster. The story is extremely poor and there's nothing new or creative about it. Is the actress trying to be a teenager? I'm confused. I was for a moment wondering if it could perhaps have worked better as an animated film for kids, but no. The acting is awful and you can't help thinking "it's a joke". If you read the good reviews written here, you can see that they are not about the movie itself. The producer/actress may be ambitious but making movies is not her thing.

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