The Guyver

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Jeffrey Combs as Wilbur
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Michael Berryman as Raymond
Vivian Wu as Xie Meiying
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sambo9000 8 / 10 / 10

Twisted Mutant Insane Cyborgs

Despite what many reviews say, I really liked this. It may be dated in special effects, and be crawling in flaws, but it is a generally enjoyable movie. Sean Barker finds a strange alien mechanical looking device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg-like superhero. When Zoanoids, Werewolf like people that can turn into mutants, appear and start chasing him down in order to obtain the device, Sean uncovers Khronos Corp.'s evil schemes. Fans of the Guyver cartoon and comics may or may not like it. A lot of the "best bits" from the cartoon's storyline are involved in this movie but are done slightly differently. While the action and Zoanoids(monsters) seem like an adult version of the Power Rangers, and some of the tongue-in-cheek gags almost take over the Guyver's story, something about the movie is just irresistible. The problem is it's impossible to put your finger on what it is. Reminiscent of a lot of the late 80s to early 90's action comic inspired movies, the movie never takes itself too seriously. Weather that's a good or bad thing is your decision. There are times where the comic relief, or purposely amusing action scenes can start to become annoying, as any fan of The Guyver is obviously looking for some serious action and gore. It does have it's moments in that department, however. The movie covers most of the main Guyver story, apart from the actual origin of the Guyver. A sequel, "The Guyver: Dark Hero" spawned from this(although it can be watched on it's own and understood, especially if you have seen the cartoon or read the comics), which takes The Guyver much more seriously, and uncovers the origin of the Guyver, whilst at the same time throws constant violent action at you. Casting is good in the means of appearance, Mark Hamill as a CIA agent must have boosted the sales of the film, and Michael Berryman makes the perfect mutant, with his bald head and evil stare, but the acting could use some work. Hardcore fans of the cartoon or comics may be iffy about the tongue-in-cheek humor used in this movie, but as long as it's not taken too seriously it can be a great movie to watch. The important part is that it FEELS like The Guyver. If you don't want to put up with lots of flaws and comic relief gags, then go for "The Guyver: Dark Hero" which is much more similar to the cartoons and comics.

Reviewed by marc_wrz 6 / 10 / 10

It may not be a thoughtful film, it may not be a good film, but that doesn't mean its not fun!

When I was younger this was one of my favorite movies of all time. Well, needless to say I grew up. I watched it again and while the plot is weak, the acting isn't all that great, its still a fun movie to kick back and watch! Boasting Mark Hamil as the star since he's the only recognizable actor, you'd think he's the hero, well he's not, he's just a government agent who allies with the the Guyver, a college student named Sean by day, super-power alien-warrior by night. The movie is in fact actually somewhat based off the anime pretty well. The movie is pretty much the first episode of the anime, just tweaked to America and aging the characters and well rushing the end of the anime to the live-action. Although the budget is under a million dollars the SFX are actually pretty good. Those rubber suits have never looked better! Plus there's a good Jaws parody that results in the death of J.J. Walker! The movie makes me laugh sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, but I had fun the while way thru, so give a 10!

Reviewed by Foreverisacastironmess123 6 / 10 / 10

Thought it was great when I was a kid but it's pretty much a big 'ol corny pile of crap now! Fun, but not enough to make it a good movie..

Yep that is correct, I did love this flick when I was about eight or so, my favourite Zoanoid was the bad stereotype jive-talking one with the big lips and the bling, I thought he and his...rap was the absolute coolest ever!! Well time doth make fools of us all and some movies you just plain outgrow. I still love many pictures that I did when I was little, but this to me does not hold up at all. I'd love to enjoy it for what it is, but the thing is, what it is happens to completely suck! Who'd think a movie with nothing but an alien cyborg fighting monsters could be so boring? I mean it is a little fun and entertaining but only in stops and starts, I mostly find it to be a tedious watch. From the beginning there's a noticeable lack of momentum to it. And the tone is completely wrong, rather than being all sleek and dark and cool, it's all a bit go-go Guyver rangers! It feels like a kid-friendly movie but like it's seriously forcing itself to be that way? when the visual style and atmosphere of everything is clearly crying out for something decidedly more gritty and harder-edged and dark, with some well placed swears and maybe even a little light nudity, and it was begging for copious amounts of blood guts and severed limbs to be flying in all directions as a result of the Guyver's deadly arm blades and firepower. It would have been improved so much if they'd only done away with the painful attempts at slapstick, and also if they'd bothered to invest in some decent fight choreography, because most of the time the Guyver just picks enemies up and throws them around. And get used to those f***ing scene-to-scene transmissions! The way the film slices itself in half and blares out that annoying noise is so jarring and stupid. The cartoony comic book-esc elements and the tone are what really murders this film for me. The good guys don't exactly leap out and grab you, Vivian Wu as an actress was really terrible! And Jack Armstrong was fine enough but he was dull and didn't make the character of the Guyver compelling at all.. It does have some positive aspects, like what's definitely the best thing about the movie whether you love it or hate it are the practical creature suits and makeup effects. The Zoanoid suits look great, they all blink and have expressions and have a great scaly skin texture, and the Guyver suit is an excellently presented piece of work that's quite striking. A brilliant job was done of recreating the look of it from the manga, it's near-perfect, right down to the steam vents. It's also pretty spectacular and icky when Mark Hammel painful transforms into a giant cricket, and dies! I'm also still quite fond of the last battle where the Cronos president changes into a humongous demonic lizard beast that stomps after the Guyver in a sequence that I find oddly similar to when Howard the Duck takes on the Dark Overlord! The Zoalord is similar in design to another creature that Screaming Mad George designed for the Full Moon movie Arena. And that leads me to David Gale, who I thought was terrific as the tyrannical leader of the monster organisation bent on world domination, his was the only character that wasn't dull, dim-witted or ultra-thin. The movie didn't deserve him, he steals and just really livens up every scene that he's in. What a brilliant character actor, he could play a crazy villain like no one else I've ever seen, so sad that he passed away too soon.. I love when Jeffrey Combs pops up as Dr. East, an underling professor to the man who's head he once chopped off years earlier as Dr. West in the gory classic Re-Animator. Oh well in closing I don't think that this is something you can watch and then immediately love the thought of watching again any time soon, because to me its bad points far outweigh its good ones. Horribly mishandled, it's truly a bad adaptation of an awesome franchise and character.

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