The Half of It


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 350


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Enrique Murciano as Deacon Flores
Haley Murphy as Solange
Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu
Wolfgang Novogratz as Trig Carson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SanciR 8 / 10 / 10

Oh so wholesome

The Half of It is solid. Yeah, it's not perfect but it takes a trope that has become repetitive over the years and puts its own spin on it. I'm talking about that trope where a person who's probably popular likes someone, but has nothing in common with them or is just plain dumb, and so they have to ask the less popular character for help... and the plot usually progresses in the same way too; the love interest realizes that the popular character is not who they have been falling for all along and then chooses the less popular one in the end. It's pretty basic stuff that has been seen over and over and over again. And movies have tried to take a spin on it before; Sierra Burgess Is A Loser being one of the latests examples. But while Sierra Burgess failed, The Half of It succeeds at making that spin compelling, insightful and just straight up wholesome. Honestly it's a very difficult trope to fix, especially with the changing times, a lot of people are sick of the manipulation that can take place in these types of stories, not to mention the lying and scheming. And what I think The Half of It gets right is the understanding that what can make or break this trope are the characters, their dynamics and their motivations. And oh my goodness the two main characters in this movie are a delight. Yeah they make mistakes, but it's usually never out of a place of malice or selfishness. And I believe that the development of their friendship is what makes this story worth watching. This is not just a cliché teen romance. It's a movie that tries its best to capture the essence of being a teenager navigating friendship, love and life in general; and honestly, I think it does a pretty good job at it.

Reviewed by ellapiispan 9 / 10 / 10

Not a lesbian love story

I'm in tears. I went into this movie expecting a lesbian love story after seeing the trailer. One might even say, the romances in the story were the least important. This is a love story, no doubt, but not what you would expect. It is a beautiful story about an unexpected friendship. What I think the movie did especially well was that there was a really limited number of main characters and they had really put effort into creating the personalities for these characters. Usually characters like Aster (the beautiful love interest) are really vain and the viewer rarely gets to no them. The premise is also amazing in its simplicity - a senior year of high school in a small town. Moreover, acting, directing, sound music was amazing. There is really nothing I would change. I kept trying to guess the plot subconsiously, but I never guessed right. I think the story wrapped up beautifully, maybe not in the traditional sense of happy ending but in its own way.

Reviewed by pierreolivier-21287 9 / 10 / 10

This is not a love story

This is a path to the understanding of what it means to love. That movie makes you think. It is well wrapped with tiny details that connects everything together. I must say there are a lot of crappy teenage highschool love movies on Netflix. But nothing like this one. I just wanted to relax and it made me emotional. I'm happy it did. Just didn't get the last 10s. What's the secret meaning of it?

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