The Happening

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Jeremy Strong as Reid Miller
M. Night Shyamalan as Vick Ran
Mark Wahlberg as Pvt. Tommy Lee Haywood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leathymasensi 1 / 10 / 10

One of the weirdest Movies I have ever watched.

*******************May Contain Major Spoilers********************* Okay this movie has way too many flaws that you ask yourself if it's intentional then you start to realize it really isn't it's just a bad movie. I really tried to pay attention to all the details to reconstruct the plot but it just does not make any sense. Why the plant caused most people around Mark Wahlberg and Zoey Deschanel to commit suicide but they spared Marky Mark, his Lady and the little girl. Nobody knows it's supposed to be a mystery in the world of M Night Shyamalan. Well guess what Mr Shyamalan your movie makes 0 sense and don't try to come up with that excuse that it's supposed to be a B Movie or mystery with a twist BS. No, this movie is just plain weird. The actors are acting strange. People around the main characters don't know how to act. This movie gets 0 out 10 for acting. 1 out 10 for plot twist and 0 for the script. The only good thing about this movie is that is shot properly like any other respectable movie but the actual content of the movie is terrible. This movie script and direction made Mark Wahlberg look like an extremely weak actor with some of the weirdest line deliveries i have ever seen. I think at that point M Night Shyamalan felt too confident with his film making style that he thought people would be fascinated with his piece of art. And what's up with M Night movie thinking they are better than they actually are except for the 6th Sense and Unbreakable i have not seen one solid Shyamalan movie. In unbreakable and the sixth sense the plot twist made sense and were very clever although they revolve around the supernatural. This one not so much we are just going along with Shyamalan film making. Bottom line don't watch this movie expecting much from it because there isn't. The plot doesn't make sense, the actors are terrible, the twist is revealed early on the movie even the way the plants are acting i mean the plants are just being plants for real there is no evidence those people dying is even related to the plant. Okay i stop this movie i just plain stupid at the end it's just a waste of time unless you are in to laugh at the incredibly bad acting in this movie it is really not worth your time.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 1 / 10 / 10

This film made me confused, paralyzed, then I tried to hang myself afterwards

M. Night Shyamalan's first Rated R film and he blew it completely, I remember this year actually wanting to see this movie, it looked really interesting and Mark Wahlberg is becoming a more great actor in his experience. The only problem here is M. Night Shyamalan, this man is constantly credited for Signs and The Sixth Sense... that's it, because that and Unbreakable are his only good movies. Honestly, he's just loosing it, I think he's become so cocky and now he's trying to have more of an edge with this R rating. His story lacks any sense, there are just so many things wrong with this story and not to mention the characters have no sympathy. Nothing was ever properly explained and there are tons of plot holes. The ending was just a cop out, it was nice to see that Shyamalan didn't go for his typical "twist" ending, but still this story just needed so much work and probably would've been better under someone else's name. According to reports, citizens in the vicinity of Central Park have suddenly and inexplicably begun seizing up just before killing themselves by whatever means are at their disposal. As the phenomena begins to spread and talk of terrorism fills the airwaves, Elliot, his wife, Alma, their friend Julian, and his daughter, Jess, board a train bound for the presumed safety of the country. When the train screeches to a halt before arriving at its final destination, however, the frightened passengers are forced to fend for themselves as each consecutive news report paints an increasingly grim picture of the situation in more urbanized areas. Theories abound on what could be causing the unexplainable rash of suicides, but the only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that it's some kind of airborne contagion that is carried in the wind. I feel so bad for saying this, but seriously, I was laughing at the suicide scenes. I don't know why, just first there is a police officer who shoots himself in the head, literally his forehead, why would you aim it that way? Also a trainer feeds himself to his tigers that rip his arms off instead of knocking him down and people film it?! There is a woman who is on the phone with her daughter, puts her on speaker in front of a group of people to hear her commit suicide?! Also, Julian just leaves his daughter to find her most likely dead mother in the hands of a woman he doesn't trust, yes, let's leave the daughter and most likely make her an orphan. Gosh, I could go on and on about how horrible this movie is, but I think I'd run out of room. Just trust me, the story is just horrible and could've been good if maybe made more as an independent film, but Shyamala-ding-dong just ruined it. 1/10

Reviewed by Ilikehorrormovies 1 / 10 / 10

The Happening? More like Nothing Happens

Oh my god this movie was boring with bad writting and bad acting. I don't know who to blame to be honest. Was it M. Night or the studio? I don't know which one but I was bored out of my mind and 5.0? It should be in a 4.6 or 4.0 you know what? What about a 3.9? It fits well for this bore-fest. This is a movie where nothing HAPPENS. MESSAGE TO UPCOMING CRITICS, aviod this film as far as you can. I wasted 91 minutes of my time like I could of been doing something better in my life than watching a crappy movie. DON'T WATCH IT!!

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