The Haunting of Julia


Drama / Horror / Mystery

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Keir Dullea as Dr. Steiger
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Tom Conti as Doc Baker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hfk 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent Horror Movie

I tuned in a bit late, perhaps 15 minutes or so, but I could tell right off that I'd hit upon something worth watching. I highly reccomend this to fans of "Don't Look Now", one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen. "Full Circle" has much the same feel, and some of the same subject matter. Others here have criticised the film's slow pace: I, for one, especially appreciate the Director's willingness to take time to build suspense and terror. I believe that silence is an important part of a horror movie (perhaps almost every kind of movie) and it's obvious that the Director shares my appreciation for what's NOT said. I won't risk spoiling this movie in any way: I merely suggest that, should you get a chance to screen "Full Circel", you savor the opportunity.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 10 / 10 / 10

Chilling and rewarding ghost story - if you can get past the slow pace

This subtle and affecting ghost story is a must-see for people who like to be disturbed. In a way, the film reminded me of THE SIXTH SENSE, as both films conjure up the same kind of atmospheres of unquiet and lurking horror. Beware though, this film is also extremely slow-moving, so those with short attention spans might find it difficult to sit through. Me, I enjoyed it immensely. Based on a story by Peter Straub, the film works best when it creeps up on you. It's not really about in-your-face shocks here, it's more designed to make you feel uneasy, when you know Mia Farrow is not alone. There's something hiding in the darkness, out of sight, something menacing. The film's most frightening moment (for me) is when Farrow's husband breaks into her house and hears footsteps creaking about, this short scene manages to sustain the tension for a surprisingly long time before the payoff. The acting is pretty good. The film was a joint Canadian/UK production, and apart from the two leads, the rest of the cast is made up of British actors and actresses. Tom Conti is about the only normal person in the entire film, and he creates a believable person in his antiques dealer (originally, he's obviously smitten with Farrow, later on he's untrusting of her stories of ghosts and views her with some unease). There's even space for a couple of British stalwarts to pop up every now and then, including Peter Sallis and, surprisingly enough, Arthur Howard! Keir Dullea gives a nicely unsympathetic portrayal of Farrow's husband who wants to get her locked up. Unfortunately Mia Farrow isn't one of my favourite actresses. She's capable, but there's just something I don't like about her. Still, this didn't affect the film for me in any way. After gradually building atmosphere in the first hour, the film changes track slightly to give us an OMEN-style series of horrible accidents which kill off most of the cast. It also becomes part detective film, with Farrow searching for clues about the history of her house and meeting a series of increasingly-odd and disturbing characters. The scene in the mental home is accurately portrayed, and for me, one of the scariest in the entire film. Added on to this is a subtle ending which is left unexplained (I'm not sure if Farrow is aware of what's going on), and THE HAUNTING OF JULIA is a chilling, above-average ghost story.

Reviewed by rubellan 10 / 10 / 10

The greatest ghost movie EVER! MUCH better than the book.

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** In recent years I have realised that ghost stories are my absolute favorite, if done from a mature point of view. Browsing through movies to rent one day, I ran across "The haunting of Julia". I rented it based on the fact that it was a ghost story, and it had Mia Farrow in it (which probably meant it wasn't going to be a teen motivated film). What a treat this turned out to be. If you judge a movie based on blood and guts, or CGI effects, you won't care for this. This film is a much more cerebral movie, which requires multiple viewings to take it in fully. SPOILER WARNING: First off I must state that one of the main attractions of this movie is the gorgeous soundtrack. Very pretty piano and early synthesizer pieces that fit as perfectly to the film as possible. Always conveying the proper mood, it will definately put a lump in your throat. I found the soundtrack existed on an import CD, which I snapped up. Sadly it is missing some of the most memorable compositions, and arrangements from the movie, but it is still a treasure to have. The story is about Julia Lofting, who loses her daughter early in the film, and spends the rest of the movie trying to make up for it in some way. After her daughter's death by choking, Julia spends time recovering in the hospital. When it's time to leave she spontaneously ditches her husband and rents a big scary place by herself. We are eventually informed that Julia's husband is a scum, using her only for her money. This is his reason for trying to win her back. Julia's grief is overwhelming, and you really feel for her. Things begin happening in the house, though subtley. A radiator always seems to be on, even when Julia makes sure it is off when she leaves the room. She hears subtle sounds, and assumes it's her husband trying to start trouble. We are then introduced to Mark. He is an antique dealer, and a real friend to Julia. One of the subtle effects of the film is that sounds that are generally loud and obvious are pushed back to barely be heard. Doors slamming, glass breaking, bells ringing. Though the events are taking place right on screen, the sounds are very distant. It adds an amazingly eerie effect. Early in the film there is a seance held at Julia's home. This was by the request of Lily, the sister of Julia's husband Magnus, who is also interested in Julia's cash, but who also genuinely likes Julia. This is apparently a little hobby of Lily's, to have these weekly sessions with mediums. This week she and her friends are using a silly old woman Mrs. Fludd. During the seance Mrs. Fludd begins to panic. When she is shaken back to reality, she informs Julia to leave the house. She's vague but she mentions a child. Julia begins to assume it may be her daughter the old woman saw. It is the dialog during this whole scene, from the minute Mrs. Fludd enters the building, that really tells you what will eventually happen. "Spirits can't do anything in the material world. They need someone to do it through". Julia begins an obsession with the spirit she believes is in her house. Eventually she finds out the spirit is of a girl named Olivia, who resembles her daughter. This girl was quite evil. She had all the neighborhood children under her control, and could even encourage them to kill. You never really get a good look at Olivia until the end. Before that we see her from the back, or miliseconds of her as she moves off screen. The movie is generally considered slow, but it really does unfold at a good pace. It's just not an action film and requires a bit of thinking. The atmosphere is amazing. Julia continues to try to find out the truth about Olivia, and anyone that threatens to hold her back eventually ends up dead. The details are gradually realised by research and visits to people associated with Olivia, leading to the final details when Julia tracks down Olivia's mother at an institution. Even after Julia knows that Olivia is evil, she just wants to help her. The end of the movie is the most stunning, and terrifying, I have ever seen. I have never been affected so much by a film. After the story is completed by Olivia's mother, and all necessary people have been killed, Julia heads back to her home, at night in the rain, in tears. It is at this point that one of the most gorgeous and simple pieces of music plays that always chokes me up. When she arrives at home, Olivia finally appears to her. Julia follows Olivia down the stairs. Olivia is sitting on the floor with a toy that Julia brought, which was her daughters. A monkey that claps cymbals together when wound up. Julia moves slowly to a large chair in the middle of the room. She looks at Olivia and picks up the toy. She holds her arms out to the girl and says "come?" Olivia slowly gets up, and with a blank stare moves towards Julia. In an effective artsy touch, all the surrounding lights are gradually dimmed, leaving just Julia and the chair illuminated. You never see Olivia and Julia connect. Julia just sits back and says "Everything's right now. Stay with me". At this point the camera slowly goes behind the chair. You hear a small metallic noise. The sound of the monkey's cymbals. When the camera emerges from the other side of the chair, Julia is is leaning back staring to the side. As the the camera continues it's turn, blood is slowly revealed pouring out of Julia's neck. The music, direction, acting, everything in this scene is absolutely perfect. I get chills everytime I see it, and it was the best possible ending there could be. You really feel for this character, and her constant desire to help, but when the spirit cuts her throat with her daughters toy (which is revealed early on to be sharp), it's absolutely devastating! It's awful to say it's the perfect ending, considering how dreadful it is, but it made the movie infinitely more effective than if she just revealed the secrets and the spirit was released. What I learned from this movie is that Olivia cannot do things in the physical way, as Mrs. Fludd stated. She eventually began to possess Julia, and used her to carry out the killings. This is never blatantly revealed, but gradually hinted at subtley throughout the film, and when you realize that Julia essentially cuts her own neck, it's quite effective. I was so impressed by this film that I had to read the book, even though I'm not much of a book reader. I was terribly disappointed. The book made Julia sound like a looney running around yelling THERE'S GHOSTS IN MY HOUSE! Mark was originally the brother of Julia's husband, and a bit of a rebel. He and Julia also had an affair. If any of that silliness was in the movie, it would have ruined things. Julia was much too distraught to think about sex. I really disliked the book, and thought the screenwriter did an amazing job with the changes. The movie was filmed in the 2.35 aspect ratio, and the 2 different VHS editions that have been released are awful pan and scan editions. This movie is desperately needing a WIDESCREEN DVD release, remastered in stereo, with an isolated soundtrack. That would be incredible!

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