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Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10 / 10

"Next time, let's take the Titanic."

Fictionalized account of the lives that were lost and those who survived after the German airship Hindenburg crashed in flames just prior to landing at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey on May 6, 1937, having just completed its first round trip between Europe and North America. Director Robert Wise delivers a handsome film here, yet humorless, methodical Wise was probably the wrong filmmaker to take on this melodrama. Despite his effective usage of actual newsreel footage that gives the picture its third-act punch, "The Hindenburg" is basically a disaster movie in the sky, recognized on its release as part of the disaster movie cycle popular in the 1970s. But these movies were popular because they were trashy, popcorn entertainments. Wise doesn't stoop to such vulgar lows; he wants his film to be prestigious, a masterpiece, but after spending two arduous hours with the various 'colorful' characters on the guest list, one isn't inclined to be emotionally involved in the who-lived-and-who-died wrap-up. Most of the actors are miscast, anyway, particularly Anne Bancroft as a German Countess (by way of the Bronx) and Joanna Moore as a pregnant Broadway show-person with a Dalmatian (the Hindenburg did have two dogs aboard, but their fates differ from the happy ending given this screen pooch). Charles Durning has a thankless role as the ship's captain, barking commands until the disaster arrives, when he suddenly becomes human and shouts "No!" George C. Scott is effective as a colonel assigned to board the airship as a security officer in response to a bomb threat and Roy Thinnes does a good job as the ship's photographer who may not be what he seems. The cinematography by Robert Surtees is indeed marvelous, but the picture just doesn't deliver the genre thrills or suspense you may be hoping for. Wise mounts the proceedings carefully but without any flair. The idle chit-chat up in the air seems monotonous and pointless, and the only thing to look forward to is the finale, a long time in coming. ** from ****

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 7 / 10 / 10

Good suspense film based on the historical aviation tragedy that occurred on May 06th, 1937 on the Hindenburg zeppelin

This is a pretty good dramatization of an historical and tragic event based on theory only and not all factual is known about that fatal day on May 06th, in 1937. George C. Scott is very good as the leading actor as is Anne Bancroft as the leading actress. There are some very suspenseful scenes in the film that grab the audiences attention and you cannot let go until you see what happens next. An example of which is when the flight crew discover there is a gaping hole in the outer skin of the Hindenburg and two brave crew men go out on top of the Hindenburg as it is flying low and slow. The two crew men are tied to a rope around their waste in an attempt to seal the gaping hole before the captain of the Hindenburg gives the order to go full throttle to avoid the Hindenburg crashing and killing everyone aboard. Hindenburg began its last flight on May 3, 1937, carrying 36 passengers and 61 officers, crew members, and trainees. It was the airship's 63rd flight. The film quality on Blu Ray is excellent and the film makers designed the Hindenburg's seating and viewing area identical to the actual air ship. Although this is more of a dramatization of certain events the facts are true that the Hindenburg exploded at Lakehurst, New Jersey on May 6, 1937, caught fire as it was filled with hydrogen and burned to the ground. This was a very tragic day for aviation history and it caused the deaths of thirteen (13) of the 36 passengers, and twenty-two (22) of the 61 crew, who died as a result of the zeppelin's crash. Historically, there is no evidence of sabotage that was ever found, and no convincing theory of sabotaged has ever been advanced. George C. Scott plays the lead investigator Colonel Franz Ritter charged with determining if the written warning the Kremlin received prior to the Hindenburg flight departing that the Hindenburg was going to be destroyed and Colonel Franz Ritter's known relationship with the passenger Countess Ursula von Reugen (Anne Bancroft) who chose to travel on the Hindenburg in an attempt to escape to New Jersey with her most valuable jewels to stay with her daughter who was away at boarding school. Will these two characters and the many other interesting passengers survive, and who is responsible if there is in fact a bomb aboard the Hindenburg? This is a suspenseful film worth watching. I give The Hindenburg a 7/10 rating.

Reviewed by John T. Ryan 7 / 10 / 10

Pre- World WAR II espionage, hyjinx and mysterious occurrences.

JOINING IN WITH so many other films that could be classified as being in the category (our classification) of MICROCOSIM DRAMA. Whether or not that there is such a term, or even another term, there should be no problem in anyone of us in understanding what we mean. IN SHORT, WE are referring to so many films that cross over into many different genres; be it Western, contemporary, War or even Romance. The only requirements are that the story should have a sizable number of highly diverse individuals; who get thrown together under some stressful and tragic situations. The story each character is told in flashback, as to why they are present under such adverse conditions. THIS WOULD MEAN that today's honoured movie, THE HINDENBERG, is numbered among a long list of very popular and critically acclaimed fare. As an example, we offer: STAGECOACH, LIFEBOAT, TITANIC, THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY and AIRPORT. As a testimony to the box office power of such films, we find that there is even some high-powered parody; such as AIRPLANE. (What's the vector, Victor?) REGARDING THE SCREENPLAY of this semi-historical drama, we have a writing team, which manages to turn in a storyline that touches on al of the aspects of the day. We examine this diverse group of new money Germans, the aristocracy, Jews and Nazi hardliners. THEY ARE ALL passengers on the ill-fated air voyage of the dirigible from Germany to the U.S.A.; in NYC where the destination, the actual docking and mooring was done are the Naval Air Base in Lakehurst, NJ. It was there that the ship suddenly and inexplicably bust into flames, crashing into the runway below. Being filled with the highly lighter than air but highly flammable, hydrogen, rather that the lighter than air, but still was as great in the bouncy department as the much safer and more plentiful in the USA, element of helium. ALTHOUGH MANY CONSPIRACY theories abound, there is no evidence that the tragedy was a product of natural causes; that being the build-up of static electricity during the docking. Of course this is only the product of our soup & sandwich lunch. SO, VAT ISS you tinking about zis, Schultz?

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