The Holcroft Covenant


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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May 31, 2021


Anthony Andrews as Johann von Tiebolt / Jonathan Tennyson
John Frankenheimer as Bernie Sussman
Lilli Palmer as Dr. Viorne
Michael Caine as Milo Tindle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by redx1708 1 / 10 / 10

How to make a good novel into a stinker !

The Holcroft covenant is from a time when Robert Ludlum still wrote very readable thrillers. And the book is actually one of his better efforts. The movie however is terrible. It's so full of clichés that some scenes are actually funny although I'm sure they weren't meant to be. For instance, at some point Caine sits in an almost empty church. In comes a woman with a scarf over her head and giant sunglasses, Places herself right behind him and in a whisper that can be heard miles away says "don't turn around". I almost fell off my seat laughing. They also shaved the plot Down to something thats neither here nor there, and the acting is simply awful with some of the corniest lines ever. "My sister, my lover, my spouse", and she goes "my Brother, my lover, my spouse". Really, are we supposed to take this seriously ? A complete Waste of time and Money. I'll give it one star for Caine crying at the end. So was I.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 2 / 10 / 10

"That's right mother. You can't stop me."

After reading nothing more than bad reps, I can see why. I find director John Frankenheimer to be a very capable action director, but here he's lost in a sea of murky conspiracies (involving a fourth Reich) and idle performances (Victoria Tennant and Anthony Andrews are unconvincing) in this very lukewarm, but drearily complicated political thriller. The problem mainly was contributed to the confounded screenplay (a Robert Ludlum adaptation), which lacked probability; efficient enough thrills and consisted of one-note characters. For most part it's about globe trotting (some striking international scenery), Michael Caine looking like a fish out of water, meeting up with important figures, those involved reminding each other how much danger they are in and shady scheming being set in motion for this 4.5 billion dollar Nazi fund. Too bad it's not as exciting and gripping, as it might sound. It lumbers along in quite an repetitive manner, even though a committed Frankenheimer tries his best to inject some stylishly, go-for-broke action suspense; when he does (and this few and far between) it shows his great eye for details and precision with the camera (he loved the tilting camera). Nonetheless he can only work what he has and what the source material allows (one or two stirring moments occur). No one really stands out from the cast; but Bernard Hepton has some amusing dialogue exchanges with Caine and Lilly Palmer has a small role. A frustratingly, unsatisfying mystery thriller.

Reviewed by ytbufflo-1 2 / 10 / 10

The secret shame of Michael Caine

As an avowed life-long fan of Mr. Caine, and a true fanatic for The Manchurian Candidate, I was willing to give this whole miserable mess a bit of slack, until I got about twenty minutes into another scene w/ Mr. Caine as Mr. Holcroft loudly reminding us of his character's seemingly endless stupidity. (Michael Caine as a noisy simpleton? Give me a big, fat Nazi break! Not even Michael Caine is that good of an actor.) The idea that life in a Nazi thriller unfolds like a Pink Panther sequel without punchlines is too difficult to swallow. Some of the scenes actually seem to me as if they were outtakes or lighting checks that ended up in the final edit by accident. I don't think I would care so much except that it is my beloved Michael Caine I am talking about here. The screenwriter should have been shot instead of this movie. The whole thing would have been more successful and excusable as a light comedy starring Peter Sellers as the bumbling Holcroft, neatly missing numerous assassination attempts while managing to solve the entire mystery purely by accident. The queasy merger of bad 80's costumes and completely uninspired cinematography is the only conspiracy worth noting in this absurd waste of talent and money. I think the whole awful eighties cocaine craze was rampant on this movie set, and that no-one could tell a terrible script from a silver spoon by the time the whole thing got into production. I agree with the earlier reviewer - save this for a Worst Films Night with some good friends after a few stiff drinks are had by all, and hope no friendships are ruined in the process.

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