The Horde

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10 / 10

These woods have eyes: First Blood

Students go into the well manicured woods around Sapphire Lake where earlier we saw a "horde" of deformed men chase down a young female "breeder." John Crenshaw (Paul Logan) is an ex-SEAL who still pumps iron in front of a mirror. He goes along with the group and reacts as if this is a formula film, Rambo style. It was like Rambo vs Mutants. It was one of those jaw dropping moments where you watch in disbelief not knowing if they meant the film to be this campy or it just worked out that way. Riley (Matthew Willig) for instance was a Sheldon Cooper type as a rich know it all snob. Camp Value. Guide: Brief rape (panties and bra still on) , brief side breast nudity.

Reviewed by Andy Van Scoyoc 7 / 10 / 10

Did I just get teleported back to the 80's?

Just not good and I'm not sure why...despite the cast of has beens, cult faves and Paul Logan (I could watch a movie of him, shirtless, working out that would have been better than this) this movie was just too much like, Tourist Trap meets Devil's Rejects meets any number of other crap movies where people go somewhere they shouldn't go. The make up was ridiculous. I don't care how much inbreeding you engage in, none of your descendants are going to look like a tree. Vernon Wells was the best of the mutants... believable, horrible...almost textbook creepy. Costas Mandylor has done so much better...I hate to see him waste his talents, but Matthew Willig held his own and I was glad to see that. Not saying his performance was stellar (far from it) but he did fine for what he was doing. Nice cameo with Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Not sure what purpose it served, but I've always liked him. If you're having popcorn movie night, you're bored and have nothing better to do, just like reminiscing with a bunch of has been actors, then you'll like this movie. Otherwise, the most powerful thing going for this film was the end credit song...which was pretty cool.

Reviewed by Peter Tidman 7 / 10 / 10

The Horde. Good horror with a slash of comedy. Worth watching more than once

At first glance The Horde may seem somewhat thin. I enjoyed it thoroughly and understanding what was involved in making it, the modest budget, time constraints, limitations, make this a model of creativity from Paul Logan. The skill and talent of director Jared Cohn in pulling all the factors together in producing a very entertaining and mostly shocking horror flick. Looking a little closer and recognizing the broad spectrum of talent lending itself to this film and it becomes more so. Few collaborations of creativity can boast of creating good economical entertainment time after time with the constraints harnessed to The Horde. Paul Logan shares his skills and acting talent in a way that leaves you wanting to see him in more and his story creation does not disappoint. Jared Cohn has gathered a talented cast hand picked for their ability to become the characters we see. There is no doubt that we have and will continue to be entertained in new and greater fashion again and again. See "The Horde" Watch it twice or three times and you will see more each time. Really good entertainment.

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