The House on the Edge of the Park


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 5 / 10 / 10

Plenty of Violence and Assaults, But Little Substance

A psychopathic rapist and his simple-minded companion brutalize a group of wealthy young people. Starring David Hess and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (in his film debut). Deodato calls this film a "mistake" made only "to satisfy the producers". He says the "screenplay was really poor". So, if you think the movie is a failure, you would be in agreement with its creator. For me, there was little offered beyond a few cute naked women. Taking place in the disco era with the appropriate music and outfits, this is a truly odd experience. Somehow a Radice striptease comes into play here.. which is, um, interesting to say the least. And then you have people who realize they are going to get tortured, so rather than fight they just accept it... Luca Palmerini sums up the film as a "listless remake of Last House on the Left. Boring." Of course, it is not a remake, though it was clearly influenced by "Last House" and adding David Hess to the cast only calls that to our attention. Jim Harper calls the plot "paper-thin" and the characters illogical. Harper also believes the film "goes too far" in its treatment of rape. This may be due to the script being written by Gianfranco Clerici, who also wrote "New York Ripper" and "Nazi Love Camp 27", among others.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 6 / 10 / 10

No holds barred early 80's Italian horror exploitation outing

Vicious blue collar psychopath Alex (an incredibly intense and ferocious performance by the incomparable David Hess) and his passive dim-witted partner Ricky (nicely played with sniveling aplomb by Giovanni Lombardo Radice) crash a posh private party being held by several rich snobs. Director Ruggero Deodato expertly crafts an uncompromisingly grim nihilistic tone, builds a tremendous amount of nerve-rattling tension, and certainly delivers on the sizzling sleaze, with generous servings of steamy soft-core sex and tasty female nudity. The harsh script by Gianfranco Clerici and Vincenzo Mannino offers a bitter commentary on the seething mutual disdain and distrust that the upper and lower classes have for each other. Moreover, it's acted with zest by a game cast, with especially praiseworthy contributions from Hess (who outdoes the scary slimeball he portrayed in "The Last House on the Left"), Radice, Annie Bell as the haughty Lisa, Lorraine De Selle as enticing brunette fox Gloria, Christian Borromeo as arrogant wimp Tom, and Brigitte Petronio as fragile virginal innocent Cindy (Alex's foul defilement of Cindy is super hard to watch). The startling outbursts of savage violence pack a potent punch to the gut. Sergio D'Offizi's sumptuous cinematography provides an attractive glossy look. Riz Ortolani's pulsating disco score hits the right-on groovy spot. Brutal and unpleasant for sure, but still undeniably gripping and effective just the same.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10 / 10

David Hess does his psycho thang again!

When a wealthy couple on their way to a party experience car trouble, they pull into a garage where rapist/murderer mechanic Alex and his slightly retarded friend Ricky (John Morghen) are about to go out disco dancing. When Ricky fixes the car, Alex invites himself and his dimwitted buddy to the posh couple's soirée, in lieu of payment. At the party, the toffee-nosed guests taunt Ricky and Alex is sexually teased by a provocatively dressed woman who lures him upstairs for a shower, but then leaves him mid-soap-down. When Alex returns downstairs to find his pal Ricky being fleeced in a game of Poker, he loses it big time; he bars the doors and windows and, with the help of his simple minded pal, subjects his hapless hosts to a gruelling night of torture and sexual abuse. Ruggero Deodato followed up his infamous Cannibal Holocaust with this slice of shock cinema, continuing to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in film and to offend and disgust the moral majority.Anyone of a sensitive disposition should definitely give the film a wide berth, but fans of extreme horror expecting a serious sleaze-fest may actually come away disappointed. I found this movie neither as repulsive or shocking as I imagined it would be; the gore is rather tame and although Hess's character is undoubtedly a nasty piece of work, we never really get a true taste of what he is capable of. Even the nasty razor attack on innocent Cindy lacked the punch that I thought it would have, due to the 'jokeshop' prop used by Alex (he runs the obviously blunt blade repeatedly across her naked body, leaving unconvincing trails of fake blood); the idea is nasty, but the execution is lame. Other 'atrocities' which didn't quite make the grade include Alex beating up the men, fondling the ladies tits, and forcing two women to kiss each other. Now I realise that this isn't behaviour that would be deemed acceptable at most dinner parties, but given this film's notorious reputation, I really expected something more disturbing. House on the Edge of the Park redeems itself somewhat with a nice unexpected twist ending, and should definitely be seen by fans of grindhouse movies, if only so that they can compare it to—in my opinion—the superior Last House on the Left, which it resembles somewhat in theme.

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