The Hurricane

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prateek4261 9 / 10 / 10

Superb performance...

I don't really know why people cannot talk without putting terms as "he did it" while thinking about this movie. How racially charged or challenged were those times has been clearly talked about, filmed and factually corrected. Literature, personalities and even a simple man can confirm to those facts and we can really put an end to who did it...or he did it!!! The movie marks the most stellar performance from Denzel Washington as he portrays the character "Hurricane". What surprised and confirmed my earlier thoughts about people rating this movie are that an awful lot of movies in here have better rating than this movie....and the confirmation is that ratings do not matter This movie stands out and lets you feel the passion and focus of a man...not born under normal circumstances but freed under great conditions. I think I am confident enough to say about this movie....if you haven't seen this movie then it doesn't really matter to you what cinema can be and what cinema possibly can create. Forget the ratings....I think when you're done seeing it, you would decide for yourself what I am trying to say here. Where is the Oscar....ohh did we miss it??? Gladly so.

Reviewed by goreilly40 6 / 10 / 10

Well why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

People have asked why didn't Denzel get the Oscar for this performance? Well first off it wasn't because the acting was bad by any means, he gives a very strong performance, which is why he was nominated to begin with. So why the Oscar went somewhere else was because of the distortion of the events this movie was based on. Lets start with the main man himself, the movie depicts Ruben Carter as a noble person who was the victim of racism and injustice, were as the real Carter was an unstable violent character with an extensive criminal record. Now the events the movie got wrong, Carter did not stab a child molester as a juvenile, it was assault and robbery. Carter was dishonourably discharged from the army and declared unfit for service, he was not the highly decorated solider depicted here. Carter was not robbed of the middleweight crown, Joey Giardello won the fight fairly, even Carter himself admitted this. Carter's boxing career was in decline at the time of his arrest, he was not about to challenge for the title. The main detective was not the foul mouthed racist who was obsessed with getting Carter, in reality he never met Carter before the murders, he rarely swore and was a sensitive individual due to a facial wound received during WW2, he couldn't have been present at the Federal Court hearing, he died years before. The Canadians did not find new evidence, neither did anyone else and nobody tampered with their car. Carter WAS tried by an all white jury in his first trial, but the second jury had two black members. I could go on and on about what the movie got wrong but there isn't enough space, this movie butchers so many facts and ruins the reputations of people, some of whom are not around to defend themselves. As I said before it's not a bad movie to be sure, however this is not a true telling of the story, by all means watch it but don't accept of what you see as fact.

Reviewed by Fletcher Conner 6 / 10 / 10

A Great Performance in a Decent Biopic

Denzel Washington gives an excellent performance as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a boxer who was imprisoned for 20 years in connection to a triple homicide. There is significant controversy surrounding both Carter's possible involvement and the film's portrayal. The film takes the stance that Carter was completely innocent of all of charges against him, including his childhood assault and robbery, which they frame as him protecting his friend from a child molester. They also imply that his title bout loss to Joey Giardello was due to racist scoring, though Carter himself has admitted that Giardello beat him fair and square. Ignoring all that, there was little draw to the film besides Washington's outstanding performance. There was a significant portion of the film devoted to Lesra (Vicellous Shannon) and his adopted family working to free Carter from his wrongful imprisonment. While what they did was very important and made an impact on Carter's life, there was far too much screen time devoted to them given how long the runtime already was. There were no important people shown in Carter's life besides Lesra, with Carter's wife given just a few brief scenes. The Hurricane couldn't decide if it wanted to be a courtroom drama, a boxing movie, or a character study and just dabbled in all of them without devoting enough time to thrive in any of the genres. It is disappointing to see a great director like Norman Jewison do so little with such a high quality performance like Denzel gives here.

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