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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saadmiami 1 / 10 / 10

Horrible Garage-Made Home-Movie on a 3 Buck Budget

The Escobar Family needs to stay away from film. You would think they could have thrown a couple of friends into the mix of their selfish nepotism. None of them possess the gift nor trained skills of true passionate actors. Poorly written script and the effects were horrendous. If an Apocalypse were truly to hit Miami and the Escobar's coincidentally perished, the World would not be at a loss.

Reviewed by duckboy-94171 1 / 10 / 10

The special Olympics of movie making at it's best.

There is not one aspect of this movie that is even close to being good. The writing, acting, directing , producing, set design & everything else about this piece dog excrement is absolutely horrible, save yourself the pain & anguish of watching this film, trust me & thank me later !

Reviewed by ljm-75691 1 / 10 / 10

Have Tylenol on hand....

Such a great subject/ story line, I was really looking forward to it but was greatly disappointed. The acting was so bad it literally hurt my head, not just one character but all of them. I can give a small amount of allowances to the young man playing Benjamin because of his age and inexperience but really...that idiotic grin he wore for the whole film was enough to make me want to jump thru the or no family, this kid ruined every shot he was in and I ended up wanting Rachel to leave him on the side of the road somewhere. Next time a kid is needed in an Escobar film, they need to hire outside of the family, the directors' inability to actually direct this kid forced the audience to endure almost 2 hours of watching the strangest smile on a kid who absolutely had no reason to smile. The older brother character was ( if at all possible) a worse performance and should be given no allowances at all. If acting is really what this man wants for his future then let me be the first to chip in for a scholarship to acting school.....I don't remember the last time a performance left me feeling completely void of emotions for a character (aside from irritation) was that bad. Both brothers made me wish Rachel was a single child so I could end the torture of having to sit thru their performances. The "Rachel" performance was by far the best and the only one coming even close to believability. Unfortunately , that's not saying much when compared to her co-stars and if she were in a movie with "real" actors, she definitely wouldn't have been able to shine so bright. Even the one character I actually liked was played by someone who clearly has no business being in a movie. The Eric character was likeable, but the actor made me as irritated with him as the "smiling-while- starving" kid and the " needs-acting-lessons" older brother. Trying to pull a line out of this guy was like trying to pour cold molasses, slow and patience- testing and I couldn't wait for his scene to be over. I could have cared less that the character had just witnessed something traumatic happen to a family member, and that was the same way his performance came across, like he could have cared less. I could go on for hours about the poor performances but why bother.? Their inadequacies are so evident that Ray Charles could have seen them, clearly showing that Mr. Escobar was obviously more interested in hiring family then making a quality film. I highly recommend having some type of headache medicine on hand if deciding to go ahead and watch this waste of a perfectly good story line. "Benjamin" cured me of any future "motherly instincts" that may have had me wanting a child....I couldn't risk getting stuck with one like him. As for the rest of the performers, It was like watching an anorexic with body dysmorphia syndrome who truly thinks they look great when nothing could be further from the truth, same goes for the acting in this film.....and that's without commenting on the Mr. Rivero character, don't even get me started on that weirdness. In short, I think I'll wait until Mr. Escobar decides to make movies for his audience rather then his family before wasting any more time.or money on seeing another of his creations. Money is too hard to come by these days to waste it on someone who's ultimate goal is nepotism, rather then giving the movie goer a quality experience.

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