The Incredible Hulk

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Edward Norton as Harlan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rambofan4life 7 / 10 / 10

Hulk VS. "the Abomination" decent this movie surprised me

This is a decent good movie The Incredible Hulk really surprised me. I hated Hulk 2003 because the film was boring as hell the first hour almost nothing happened I hated Eric Bana and Nick Nolte in the film I hated them. With Hulk (2003) I was really, really disappointed over that lame over long, boring to death super wannabe comic book film, this was an improvement over the first Hulk film. It was directed by Louis Leterrier who also directed The Transporter 1 and 2. He brilliantly directed the film much better than Ang Lee. It is not an origin film it is a sci-fi action film too. I like the film, but is not my favorite MCU film. But I am going to say this I was a huge fan as kid of "The Incredible Hulk" (1978 - 1982) TV Series I watched some of the episodes including the TV pilot for the series. It starred Bill Bixby R.I.P. 1934 - 1993. I heard that Bill didn't allowed to watch his kid his series because he was afraid that his son would have been terrified of him when he turns in to green monster. Me and my childhood best friend loved that show that time so much, it was our favorite TV show of all time and that was in 1995. So the title brings me in too good memories. This movie redeem it self and in turns in to a good decent, solid superhero movie. I like the film, but I am not really a fan of the film Edward Norton is a good Bruce Banner and the designed for the Hulk was good. Dr. Bruce Banner is on the run from Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) who is a General in US Army who promised he will catch The Hulk but in truth he wants to take the power away from Bruce Banner so he can developed the power in too his soldiers to create super soldiers. Bruce Banner is searching for a cure so he could get ride of this power when his angry. Adding Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky / Abomination in to this film arch enemy of The Hulk was the reason why I liked the film so much. Tim Roth was excellent as Abomination when he says he is angry and it is waiting for round three. I don't think it is such a bad film. The fight and the fight sequences between The Hulk and Abomination was a bad ass in to the movie I enjoy the fantastic CGI scenes in the movie. Liv Tyler as Betty Ross love interest of Bruce Banner is good in her performance who helps Bruce Banner out. This movie is also bloody in which Abomination kills people. This movie should be rated R not PG-13 but still with that rating it is a decent movie. Lou Ferrigno is also in this movie in which he gives the Hulk his voice and he plays a security guard on College campus in which Banner brings him a pizza so that security guard let him in the campus. Lou Ferrigno played the original Hulk in the 70's and I like the actor so much. He was also in Hulk (2003) I watch it 3 years ago. It is a good movie I like it in MCU movies but is not my favorite film. I like "Hulk smash" and monster VS monster. I love that Hulk stopped Abomination and protect Betty. I also love in the film that General Ross order his men on a helicopter to help Hulk battling murderous monster Abomination I love that. I love that Hulk saved Betty and General Ross in the fire of helicopter by making a wind like Superman.

Reviewed by BiiivAL 6 / 10 / 10

King Hulk

History. In the sixties, the company made tremendous progress, as it was during these times that such characters as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men and many other heroes were created who are still considered to be the main stars of the vast Universe Marvel. Finished work on the first series of comics about the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee began to look for something completely new and different. Then Lee remembered that one day he really liked the movie "Frankenstein" (1931), then in the makeweight remembered another masterpiece - "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (also in 1931 the year of release). Crossing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Frankenstein Stan Lee got the monster he needed: a terrible outside, good inside (which, moreover, could turn from a man into a monster and vice versa). Originally, Lee made the Hulk gray (he explains that the Hulk is a monster, he must frighten, and gray is a suitable color). But when the first edition was printed, it turned out that the shade changes from drawing to drawing. Therefore, it was decided to find a different color. Thinking about what color a superhero did not yet exist at that time, the thought came that no one had thought of making a character green, and Stan decided to "Be to him Green!". So the Hulk became as We know it today. So, May 1962 was marked by the release of a new character from Lee Incredible Hulk and his "second self" - Doctor Bruce Banner ... Actors and Heroes. Edward Norton (Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk) - I think that Norton has already come across such a split (meaning "Fight Club", whose main character suffers from a split personality and tries to get rid of his "companion" in the course of the film). At first glance it may seem that the Hulk is a very primitive character, just an evil monster and nothing more. But everything turns out to be not so simple because there are remnants of human memories in his head (that's why he did not touch Batty and defended her). Part of the Hulk hates Bruce Banner, because for him he is only a miserable nonentity, while the Hulk is an invincible force and power. He constantly feels a split. Probably this is the case when superpower is not a gift, but a curse. The tragic side is manifested when the Hulk again becomes Bruce, and sees the destruction that he did (in the film - this is the destruction of the laboratory at the time of the first transformation of Banner). Then his conscience and guilt tell him that this monster can not be released, and the Doctor consciously goes into exile. Edward Norton is a wonderful dramatic actor, his game conveys the feelings of a lost person: alienation, anguish and grief - the real Dr. Bruce Banner. Liv Tyler (Betty Ross) - like Norton, Liv had a similar role - Arwen (The Elf from the movie "The Lord of the Rings"): the same deep feelings and the same "forbidden love", in general, everything is very sad. In Hulk, she plays a strong, and at the same time sincerely loving woman who is ready to fight for her happiness; she is the embodiment of true love. And the way Tyler transmits emotions is really beautiful. In the film, Liv Tyler treats the Hulk as Naomi Watts with King Kong; and the Hulk itself is very similar to Kong: calms down at the sight of his caring beloved, protects her from all the dangerous (and not thinking about his own self-preservation). What more can be said? God grant more such loving women. Tim Roth (Emil Blonsky aka Abomination) - he plays Russian, who grew up in England and became a soldier (who, moreover, does not drink vodka and does not wear a hat with a fur hat!). He leads a group of professionals gathered to catch Bruce Banner. However, after the friend saw what the Hulk is, he immediately became fired with the desire "I want the same!". During the film, Blonsky is injected with the serum of the super-soldier, after which he becomes very fast, strong and enduring. It seemed that he got what he wanted, but after the Green Giant had made a cutlet from him with one blow of his foot - Emil realized that he did not have enough, and he wants more (and eventually achieves it). And what is most surprising is not to take over the world and rule it (like most super villains); but in order to fight properly. If we talk about the actor - then Roth like his hero is very charismatic. The game is good, not fake. Tim in a beautiful form: in his 47 so quickly run and participate in battle scenes - is respected. In general, Tim Roth disproved the opinion of the Coen brothers and Cormac McCarthy; "Old people" here is the place! Special Effects. Special effects in the movie a lot. I will not talk about the visualization quality of the Hulk: now, with the modern development of computer graphics, there is simply no need to talk about it, especially with a company like Universal Pictures (which, in my opinion, always wins in quality, both computer graphics and special effects in whole). If you care, you know: everything is fine, muscles are throbbing, hair is developing in the wind, drool from the mouth flying at crying, clothes are bursting; The Hulk runs, jumps and fights, as befits - really. The explosions themselves, the launch of cars and tractors into each other is done at 5+. All the laws of physics were observed: there will not be a Hulk like in the movie Enga Lee fly like a dandelion: he weighs decently for a mountain of muscles and generally a three-meter bald, so that he will fall swiftly and powerfully. The battle of the two giants can not be called otherwise simply as a fierce fight, all the tools at hand are used: stones, bricks, cars (the Abomination still used people) - in general, everything is beautiful, beautiful, incredible! The result. "Incredible Hulk" - the second film Marvel Studios. A wonderful cast, good special effects, great sound, not only could one enliven one of the best comics, but also create an incredible film! Adventures, love, hate, good, evil - everything comes into this movie! Sitting in the cinema, I noticed that the Hulk was looking into my eyes, then with a shout of "Hulk Beat" he ran up to me and hit ... on the spot

Reviewed by masterdm31 6 / 10 / 10

Only Enjoyable for Comic Lovers

The Incredible Hulk (2008) stars Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, who isn't the greatest Hulk by any means. The backstory of Banner was good and interesting, different from any of the other Marvel characters, but the movie drags out so long. The Hulk is really only on-screen for a combined 15 minutes, including the last fight seen with Abomination. The villain in this movie is confusing to detect as well. Movie is just boring and drawn out, only enjoyable for die hard Hulk fans, but if you miss it, there is no problem.

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