The Intent

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Richie Campbell as African Troublesome Trucks
Robbie Gee as Detective Shepherd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juicyfruit-19724 1 / 10 / 10


Everything is bad. Throw the whole movie away.....

Reviewed by natty-94145 1 / 10 / 10

Bad, bad and terrible.

Everything that the two writers make is AWFUL. Who keeps funding these two? Bad writing. Bad plot. Bad dialogue. Bad acting. Embarrassing. And Femi keeps talking about a part 2. He's delusional. Usually the first film has to be good to warrant a part 2.

Reviewed by owoodhead 1 / 10 / 10

Waste of Time.

OK, as mentioned in some reviews, a couple of the actors can actually act, though it seems to be a youth project with no one older than 30 playing in it, except the Maliks and the mother. Particularly implausible was a congregation filled entirely with teenager extras. Some of the soundtrack works, motorbike camera work as well and the tension at the meet in the pool-hall at the end is fairly palpable. As for the rest of it, particularly every scene involving the police - unshaven, with terrible uniforms/wardrobe and a potty-mouthed script every ten words - obviously no member of the Cast and Crew has ever watched an old episode of The Bill, if so, you would have been able to write and deliver a script that had some resemblance of the professionalism of the police force. As for the casting of the Sergeant, Miss Akokhia, well, saving the best for the end. Do not waste your time watching this stereotyping, guttural tosh.

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