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Ben Schwartz as Scott
Emma Stone as Abigail
Lizzy Caplan as Sarah
Rob Lowe as Billy Hicks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mrjafa12 10 / 10 / 10

People are really stupid. Great movie for it's category

Reading some of these reviews and I find myself looking for a pair of pliers to help some of these people remove the stick out of their ass. To note, I only made an account for this review because I was afraid some people may get the wrong idea about this movie. No, it will not win an Oscar, no it will not have an Oscar winning actor. Was Chevy Chase, Chris Farley, Eddie Murray, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Will ferrel did a any of them win an Oscar? No, however were their movies not one of the funniest of their time? Exactly. Seth and James will not win an Oscar because the committee doesn't rate comical aspects. However this movie is hilarious. Without being one of the "typical" comedy type movies that have come out recently. It's different comical aspects then what has been common in movie cinema in the past year. Obviously it's a comedy, and in the category of comedy movies it will rank as one of the higher ones. When you watch this movie you expect that. It's not a Beautiful Mind or Titanic. It's a comedy, and a damn funny one at that. When you watch a comedy you want to laugh, and this movie will make you laugh. End of story. Please don't listen to those who critique this movie as if it is a nominees for a best movie award.

Reviewed by Paul Evans 7 / 10 / 10

It may have been controversial, but it sucks.

Why on Earth does this have such a positive rating here, after all the hype and the myriad of controversy I was expecting something edgy and bold, instead we were treated to a film which makes Epic Movie look full of original jokes. I can't even say it's in bad taste, it's just bad, I imagine that the positive score comes from the controversy which dogged the film. Rogan isn't bad, he plays the usual character which you'd expect from him, I am a fan of his, he's ok, but the rest of the movie sucks. Stupid, unfunny, lacking any true humour, it's just brash, infantile, the kind of script you can imagine two idiots came up with after drinking too much. A real shame, I had high hopes.

Reviewed by Charlie Picart 7 / 10 / 10

For a very particular audience

Seth Rogen humour is an acquired taste. When he's with his friends having what is obviously a blast, it's borderline 'clicque-y' and is definitely niche. The interview is definitely that: a few friends having fun, and they happened to chose a touchy subject It's stupid, low brow, definitely not in very good taste... but for some people (yours truly included) it is fun. There is something special about getting the funds to make this movie. Some of the smaller roles are definitely not very well played, but Franco and Rogen hold the movie and the plethora of friends showing up in the beginning is amazing. If you disliked Seth Rogen, pass on this movie!

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