The Killing Kind


Crime / Drama / Horror

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September 5, 2021


Ann Sothern as Thelma Lambert
John Savage as Marco Venieri
Luana Anders as (uncredited)
Ruth Roman as Rhea Benson
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Reviewed by guanche 8 / 10 / 10

One of the most disturbing portrayals of homicide ever filmed.

Your other reviewers have described the outline of this twisted, disturbing film quite well. I would just like to recommend it to devotees of genteel "drawing room" murder a la Agatha Christie, or "Gothics" who think that there's something awesome or exhilarating about violent death. One of the portrayed murders; (I won't say which, in deference to those who may want to see the movie) in addition to being graphic and disturbing; captures the initial surprise, fright, pain and ultimate helplessness felt by a murder victim, as I've never seen it done on film. Excellent medicine for anyone who thinks murder can be humorous or lighthearted. I always considered myself a battle scarred veteran of sick films, unphased by anything. Yet, this one really bothered me for a long time. Definitely not for children or the overly sensitive but made to order for anyone with a casual attitude about violence, or disposed to "forgive" murderers.

Reviewed by Nightman85 10 / 10 / 10

An emotionally charged psychopath study

Solidly well-done thriller is an effectively disturbing gem that stands out from the many drive in horror flicks of the early 70's. After serving jail time for being accused of rape, a repressed young man returns home to his dominating mother where his desire for revenge may lead him down a murderous path. The Killing Kind reminds me quite a bit of another relatively undiscovered gem - 1982's Night Warning, although The Killing Kind pre-dates that film by nearly 10 years. As with that film the power behind The Killing Kind lies in the sympathetic characters that drive this story. Not to mention that both films deal with the subject of unhealthy motherly obsession. The Killing Kind though does stand firmly on it's own as a twisted character study. The story is a compelling brooder of insanity, the suspense is tightly woven, there's a good share of shocking scenes, and the performances of Sothern and Savage are excellent. Ultimately this film becomes quite the emotional roller-coaster, especially in it's somber conclusion. Well worth seeking for those who like strong, character-driven thrillers. A shocking little rarity. *** 1/2 out of ****

Reviewed by Esther-6 10 / 10 / 10

Twisted Oedipal Psychodrama

This is my favorite schlocky-but-brilliant horror film. John Savage is a boy-toy pawn in nature's perpetual game of sexual desire, repression, and loss of control--with murderous results. Ann Sothern is a sympathetic fright as his voraciously lonely and controlling mother. Luana Anders completes this trio of horny misfits in her standout performance as a boozy neighbor who happens to be drowning in a little Oedipal drama of her own. Cindy "Shirley Feeney" Williams is shrill and vacant, but enjoyable, in what might be the dumbest female film role of all time. Ruth Roman provides an added touch as a she-man attorney. Factor in a big, spooky house, numerous felines, and a hilariously misanthropic bacon-waving scene, and this picture wins, big time.

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