The Killing Time


Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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May 1, 2021



Beau Bridges as Mr. Richard Phillips
Kiefer Sutherland as Arthur Banks
Michael Madsen as Vince
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

A Predictable Film Noir with Many Clichés

Kiefer Sutherland is an unknown killer, who comes to a peaceful coastal town pretending to be the new deputy sheriff. He starts working with Sam Wayburn (the expressionless Beau Bridges) and Carl Cunningham (Joe Don Baker), who is going to retire. Sam is in love with his high school sweetheart Laura Winslow (Camelia Kath), who is married with a powerful and wealth man, Jake Winslow (Wayne Rogers). Sam and Laura decides to kill Jake and put the blame on the new comer, but things will not work as planned. This movie is not totally bad, although full of clichés and very predictable. The situations are easily resolved and the plot is neither moralist nor amoral: it is shallow. Maybe in the hands of the Cohen brothers or other good director, it could be a great movie. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "Tempo de Vingança" ("Time of Revenge")

Reviewed by sulo 7 / 10 / 10

Another director might have done a better job

This one could have been better. The scenario works, the good cop not being totally good and the bad guy not entirely bad. Beau Bridges does a reliable job and Kiefer Sutherland even works to do a role out of the ordinary kiefer. However, the director ruins everything. The result is boring beyond limits. All the suspense comes from the screenplay and the final is totally flat. As a matter of fact, I have never seen a movie where screenplay and direction differ in quality as clearly as in this one.

Reviewed by merklekranz 7 / 10 / 10

I say it was good...

Having just watched another Kiefer Sutherland good movie (Truth or Consequences N.M.), I found "The Killing Time" almost equal. True the end was probably as predictable as ever, but getting there was as twisty as a California coastal road. Michael Madsen kind of disappeared, and that was somewhat disappointing. The character development was very good, the acting was fine also. I found the enjoyment level better than some of Quentin Tarantino's supposed classics. It is no "Fargo" but has that kind of feel to it. You could do much worse for an evenings entertainment. I give "The Killing Time" a solid 6.5 stars. - MERK

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