The Legend of Johnny Lingo

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john in missouri 10 / 10 / 10

I simply love this movie.

That's not how I felt about it the first couple of times I watched it, but seeing it again recently, I realized: I really, really like this movie. You need to see it several times. Okay, so Alvin Fitisemanu's acting is awful in this film. Okay, so it's a rolling commercial for Tahitian Noni Juice. Okay, so it's weighed down by its share of clichés, including one scene that appeared to have been stolen directly from Chicken Run. In the end, I just don't care. In the end, I am overcome by the story, the music and the characters in this film. I LIKE Johnny Lingo, I LIKE Toma, and I LIKE Mahane. No, there are no Academy Awards here - but what we DO have is a good clean film with some positive things to say and a fun way to say them. For us, that was enough. And after several times of seeing The Legend of Johnny Lingo over the past few years, what seemed to be glaring flaws the first few times around have faded. I really like what's left. [Edit: We just watched this again after many years. And I thought, "I really love this movie." So I went to read reviews, and was reading a review, and thought, "Yeah, I agree." Then I noticed... I wrote the review! 15 years ago! 15 years later and after a long absence, I feel the same. Even the obvious flaws in this movie are endearing. In fact, I upgraded my rating from an 8 to a 10.]

Reviewed by humblerecluse 6 / 10 / 10


On a hunch I decided to see what I knew was destined to be a much overlooked flick entitled "The Legend of Johnny Lingo". This turned out to be the finest movie I've personally seen in the past decade. The movie lacks foul language. It also lacks blatant sex. Further, it will not be classified as an action movie ... and yet ... well, as a teaser I will just say that it is perhaps best described as a human corollary of that old "Ugly Duckling" story. Take your date or the entire family too. Even though it won't, in my humble opinion THIS movie should receive the highest awards ever bestowed upon the industry and it's actors. Bottom line: DON'T MISS THIS ONE! 'NUF SAID! the humble recluse ...

Reviewed by hbs 6 / 10 / 10

sweet family film, exotic locations

The leads and the supporting characters that get the most screen time are solid (a couple of them appeared in "Whale Rider", where they were outstanding, so you know that they were capable of more than they were given here) -- the shortcomings are primarily in the script, I think. Some of the supporting cast are a bit wooden, and the script is often a little cliched, but it's very sweet and the locations are beautiful. It's a very gentle film with its heart in the right place, so I would recommend it for younger kids, and I think that most adults won't mind watching it with their kids. If you're a softie like my wife, you'll actually enjoy it...

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