The Little Foxes

Drama / Romance

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Bette Davis as Patricia Berkeley
Dan Duryea as Whitey Kincade
Hank Worden as Old Cowboy
Teresa Wright as Charlie Newton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martindonovanitaly 10 / 10 / 10

The Little Foxes Fatter than ever in 2018

I always loved Lillian Hellman, way ahead of her time - she may have been controversial with powerful enemies and treacherous groupies but I'm always reminded of the stuff the lady was made of by going back to the letter she wrote to the House Of Un-American Activites that she wrote knowing that she was risking everything. She paid a heavy price but now we know who the real, patriotic Americans were - Lillian Hellman right up there - I saw The Little Foxes last night - first time in two decades - and I was enveloped in its relevance. Lillian Hellman herself wrote the screenplay based on her play about greed, the banquet of the 1 per cent and the blatant social injustice. Class, race and all the rest of it. As if that wasn't overwhelming enough, William Wyler and Bette Davis - what an brilliant combination - Davis was only 33 when she played Regina - Astonishing performance. This must be one of her very best, The film also has the extraordinary Patricia Collinge as Birdie and Teresa Wright. This is a film to visit and revisit for its historical relevance and cinematic brilliance

Reviewed by drednm 10 / 10 / 10

One of Bette Davis' Best Performances

Bette Davis stars as Regina Giddens in this film version of Lillian Hellman's smash hit play (which starred Tallulah Bankhead). This tale of the pre-industrial south of 1900 pits Regina against her greedy brothers as they scheme to open a textile mill that will make them rich. Great performances here from Davis, Herbert Marshall, Teresa Wright, Richard Carlson, Charles Dingle, Patricia Collinge, Dan Duryea, Jessie Grayson, and Carl Benton Reid. Sort of a modern King Lear, but Hellman had a wicked ear for acid dialog and her characters each have moments of grandeur as they spit and snarl. Collinge is very good as pitiable Birdie. Wright and Carlson are especially good as the young lovers, and Duryea gives a wonderfully slimy performance. Dingle has his best role as the smart brother, and Marshall--always underrated in Hollywood--is splendid as Horace. Bette Davis gives a controlled and icy performance as the woman who never gets what she wants. Her final scene from the window as she watches her daughter leave in the rain is a classic. Great film about a dysfunctional family before there even WAS such a thing!

Reviewed by fimimix 10 / 10 / 10

..bravo for "The Little Foxes"..

....I've read every comment, and am wondering why there aren't more....the only answer that is plausible is so few people know about it. Davis, Hellman and Wyler - what a magic combination. There may never again be a combination of such talent to produce another film so riveting. I am old enough to have seen it when it was first released; it has never left my mind, and I am a big movie-buff. As so many users wrote, the movie never drags - I don't understand why a few say it is "slow" in the beginning. Don't you first have to set the scene to give the viewers an idea to build upon? "Ms. Regina ain't one to be kept waiting'" is a potent message there are going to be fireworks. Several commentators mentioned what a huge success the stage-production had been - with none other than La Bankhead, how could it have been otherwise ? No matter how electrifying live performances can be, there is nothing like the camera to catch close-up expressions, especially for drama. Was Davis not the all-time queen of "the eyes"? Ms. Bankhead did her magic in "Lifeboat" - Pure Heaven ! Had I had my druthers, there would be two identical movies, one with Davis, one with Bankhead - I would watch the marathon with awe. Davis had to be a bitch during the filming to make certain her character-interpretation would be filmed as she saw it - after all, she would inevitably be compared to the "Queen of the Stage" who originated it. She was masterful and forceful in every scene - the closing one reminiscent of "The Corn is Green" - a window and "eyes". Hellman no doubt was determined her brilliant stage-play would not be maligned. She COULD have taken the money and run. Wouldn't you agree she intended to see this masterpiece recorded as it should have been? Film is forever. There were no wasted lines in this movie. Wyler drilled his actors/actresses until they got it right - so right, the other interpretations fell far short. As some users have written, Patricia Collinge was brilliant in the pathetic role of "Birdie". How perfect she was, because so many aristocratic, young ladies of The South lost their "belle" status - just as she did - after convenient marriages to not-so-aristocratic gentlemen. They were used as chattel, just as the young ladies of nobility were used - be brilliant, then get lost and run the house. Dan Duryea was as insipid as Wyler wanted him to be. This role was one that helped his longevity in movies. "Mr. Giddens" was perfect, showing that gentle men are just as vulnerable to heartbreak as women are. Richard Carlson gave us a glimpse of sincere gentility. Ms. Wright was the epitome of young ladies of that era - she grew with her role. All of the other players gave fabulous performances, no matter how important or supporting. Younger viewers most probably couldn't get into the film, because there were no explosions nor violence...only those that occur in every-day life. This film is to be celebrated - don't miss the celebration.

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