The Little Prince


Family / Fantasy / Musical / Sci-Fi

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May 15, 2021



Bob Fosse as The Snake
Gene Wilder as George / Abe Fielding
Joss Ackland as Dr. Langer
Richard Kiley as Thomas 'Tom' Clancy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Orgelist 8 / 10 / 10

Flawed, but extremely nice

Le Petit Prince has been, and may still be, required reading for French students. It is difficult to make a satisfactory film of such a literary icon; it is dangerous to try to make it a musical, as well. I think this film is highly under-rated, and perhaps mostly by people who are not very familiar with its original source. While much of the film could be considered "hokey", I believe that the "dance" sequence of the pilot and the Prince in the spring is sheer delight (as their finding the source of water must have been). Fosse's Snake and Wilder's Fox are phenomenal: it doesn't take long for one to actually believe that they are animals rather than people portraying animals. This is a must-see for all, especially for those with children (they seem to "get it" faster than many adults.

Reviewed by pik923 6 / 10 / 10


Many have disliked THE LITTLE PRINCE, it was not what one would call a great success. What a pity! It embodies all those great attributes of the musical era of fantasy, entertainment and charm. Stanley Donen is a master craftsman of the musical genre of film making. A lifetime of devotion to his craft of musical theatre - on and off the silver screen. It is a pity the film is not available on DVD, that the film has not made a comeback after all these years. There are no criticisms, gratefulness yes for the likes of Bob Fosse, Victor Spinetti, the elegance of Richard Kiley, and Gene Wilder in perhaps one of his finest, controlled and loving roles ever on screen. Watch the film and if you have children watch it with them! This film should be a must for once a year screening, in the tradition of THE WIZARD OF OZ. It is music, film, story magic, that touches the heart, touches the soul, touches imagination.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Magical musical tale in which a pilot meets a young boy who want to learn about life

This magic picture is a musical fantasy , being based on the children's classic by Antoine Saint-Exupery . It deals with an aviator (Richard Kiley , though Richard Burton was actively pursued for this role) who crashes on the barren desert of Sahara and finds a little alien (Steven Warner) who is a prince on a small planet called asteroid B612 and teaches and guides him about the secrets of importance of love and life . The little boy travels and meets a king (Joss Akland) , a businessman (Clive Revill) , a historian (Victor Spinetti), a General (Graham Crowden) a snake (Bob Fosse) and a fox (Gene Wilder). Based on the known book considered a classic but doesn't do justice , resulting to be slow-moving , a little bit boring and including excessive songs . Great main cast featured by Richard Kiley as a pilot stranded in the desert who counsels a young boy efficiently played by Steven Warner . Excellent support cast plenty of notorious secondaries as Gene Wilder , Joss Ackland , Clive Revill , Victor Spinetti and special mention to choreographer and filmmaker Bob Fosse who carries out a splendid dancing as a snake . Marvelous and colorful cinematography by Christopher Challis , being filmed on location in Tunisia and interiors shot in Eltree studios , Hertfordshire , England. Enjoyable musical score and songs by the classics Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe . The motion picture was well produced and professionally directed by the musical expert Stanley Donen , though is a major letdown for his fans and failed at box office. Donen realized several musical masterpieces , many of them with the help of producer Arthur Freed , and this time of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe . As he directed some of the best musicals of history such as ¨On the town¨, ¨Singing in the rain¨, ¨Royal Wedding¨ , ¨It's always fair weather¨, ¨Seven brides for seven brothers ¨, ¨Funny face¨ , among others . Rating : Acceptable and passable . Worthwhile watching .

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