The Lockdown Hauntings



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Brian Bovell as Garage Owner
Jon Campling as Father Lawrence
Tony Todd as Mayor Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simon-alphastar 9 / 10 / 10


I really enjoyed this movie. It had the feeling of a classic Hammer film, tension, lots of twists and just great fun. My teenage daughters loved it too. I take my hat off to the filmmaker here, he saw an opportunity and got some great talent to follow his vision. Great work can't wait to see what he does next! Highly recommended.

Reviewed by dcgkpfnj 8 / 10 / 10

More than your average gory indie horror

I'm not into horror films much but this one has been advertised and was highly pre-ordered. So, I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, the film is more than your average gory indie horror. In fact, it's hardly gory at all. The film uses the premise of the first UK Lockdown to explore what if. What if there were malicious spirits (energies) out there that feed on our fears? What if they were to seize an opportunity and roam the empty streets in search for lonely scared victims? They would surely be up to no good. It follows an investigator George Parker (Angela Dixon) on her quest to solve series of murders of young women - while in self-isolation. All cases are seemingly connected. Yes, a serial killer. A ghost of a serial killer to be precise. The film features mainly female cast which is great to see. I would have loved to see more of Tony Todd though but the rest of actors did a great job. Believable performance by Heather Pierce, Sarah Jane Potts, Jon Campling. Unusual editing - following several victims's stories at the same time allowed Ford to control the tension dial. I was missing face-to-face dialogues and interactions on the screen but I guess it's the reality of the 'new normal'. Must have been a pain for a 'filming crew' that, apparently, consisted of one (!) person. The cinematography is very good by the way, the film looks polished and the special effects do the job. The plot skilfully capitalises on anxiety and fear of 'invisible killer' that is the virus. This realism blurs the lines. What's worse - to be haunted by an evil spirit that is trying to kill you or to franticly knock on doors of your neighbours and be denied help because they suspect you might pass on the virus? You gotta fend for yourself because everyone is scared and isolated in their own homes-silos. It's sad but unfortunately, that's exactly what UK came to in 2020. I think the film has captured the overall spirit of the age and plays with the mind of a viewer on a deeper level. I was pleasantly surprised by this paranormal film.

Reviewed by info-77600 8 / 10 / 10

Brave and unique.

It's a brave man who makes a film during a pandemic. Just one man and a socially distanced cast tapping into our collective fears around an invisible enemy; a non too subtle nod to the virus which has wreaked so much destruction over the last year. ' Lockdown Hauntings' references a number of horror/house invasion genres of films which are always fun, but it's strength lies in the uniqueness of the circumstances in which it was filmed and the performances of the cast. I look forward to part two!

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