The Lost Empire

Action / Adventure / Fantasy

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Angelique Pettyjohn as Susan Rome
Blackie Dammett as Bartender
Kenneth Tobey as Capt. Hendry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paynebyname 4 / 10 / 10

Worth it just for Raven

OK, this isn't a good film by any stretch of the imagination but you don't really get it for that do you? I bought it just to see Raven de la Croix as I remember seeing this when a youngster and her being this incredible figure of white on a horse (white star is her character name). The plot and FX are laughable but the music was surprisingly better than expected almost sounding like the works of John Carpenter. Unfortunately the film is only a 15 so there's no real sex but the image of Raven in some kind of very short, dream state when she has a snake draped round her neck is mind bendingly erotic and worthy of the purchase price.

Reviewed by BloodTheTelepathicDog 5 / 10 / 10

Jim Wynorski knows

Mr. Wynorski knows how to make cheese, but unlike other cheese distributors, he knows how to make it entertaining. Lost Empire follows a rogue styled police officer, well played by sexy Melanie Vincz, who searches for the killer of her cop brother. Teaming up with Melanie are mystic native Raven de la Croix, and badgirl rough-houser Angela Aames. The buxom trio fly to an island camp run by the villainous Angus Scrimm. There they fight against the terrorists and get naked at every possible opportunity. I admire Jim for his ability to get women naked in all of his films. And seeing both Angela Aames and Raven de la Croix nude, is a splendor to behold.

Reviewed by punishmentpark 5 / 10 / 10

Sailing the seas of cheese.

Hot '80s chicks galore (though Raven is a bit beyond my taste, except for her bosom of course), and a lot of funny stuff going on, especially in the effects (robotspider for instance) and some very, very cheesy one-liners. There's a few fun and silly action scenes plus a fair amount of cleavage and even more here and there (1 prison catfight included!). Even some of the settings / backdrops were okay to look at. The acting... well, let's not call it that and just think of the ladies. This is just the kind of stuff I want to see when I'm really not up for paying attention to an actual good movie, too late at night. Now, for the rating; dare I give it 6 out of 10, because I simply had a fun time with it? Well, 5 should be enough.

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