The Lost Prince

Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

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September 26, 2020


Bérénice Bejo as Marie Brisson
Omar Sy as Knock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sruitasuk 8 / 10 / 10

This is too good to be score 5/10

I watch it without any hope since its score is so low. But, what is this, how this movie got only 5/10 Their Concept, Comedy, Fantasy and How it teach how our life gonna go is too good. It make me even think what should i prepare when I have a child. Anyway, this movie deserve more score than it be. For me, I give 8/10 and I really recommend this movie for Family who has child.

Reviewed by jimimhendrix-31103 / 10

Wonderful story about the circle of life

8/10. I gave it a 10 because I think the current 5.1 is way too low The story follows a single father very dedicated to provide a happy growing up experience to his daughter by way of storytelling. All is well until teenhood interferes, so both father and daughter have to learn to handle it :-) The costumes in the story world are bright and happy. The real life story is honest but also positive. I personally did not find anything wrong with the movie, it's message, its direction, its acting, etc. The only reason I think it's an 8/10 is because of me: I'm a grown up and not a parent. Still I rated it 10/10 because I don't understand the current 5.1 rating. Who hurt you? :D

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