The Mad Room


Drama / Horror

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November 11, 2020



Beverly Garland as Joyce Webster - aka Jane Marvin
Michael Burns as George Hardy
Shelley Winters as Lena Mervin
Stella Stevens as Beverly Hills
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adriangr 7 / 10 / 10

Mad Room madness

I've finally seen this movie again after years of just having a faint memory of it, so I've now got to decide if it lived up to my memory...well it pretty much does. The story concerns Stella Stevens as Ellen, a young woman who's impending marriage is interrupted by news that her younger brother and sister are being released from an asylum where they were committed after the murder of both their parents. Now considered sane, they are handed over into Ellen's custody, despite her misgivings, and the three of them move into the home of Ellen's fiancée's mother in law, played by Shelley Winters, which in turn gives HER major misgivings. And this being a horror film, it isn't long before there's a new murder... So what still works is the general sense of unease, mostly generated by great performances by the two younger children, played by Michael Burns and Barbara Sammeth. They portray just the right amount of inscrutability, and keep you guessing as to their actual mental stability! Stella Stevens plays Ellen with lots of wide eyed exasperation which suits the role well, and Shelley Winters does her usual job of playing an alcoholic floozy as the landlady/mother-in-law. The overall tone of the story is well handled, and the climax still works. Gore is low but a couple of bloody scenes still stand out, and the best part is still what happens when a dopey dog sniffs out a dead body - great fun. All in all it's a great compact little thriller with some very good performances...check out the ladies charity party when one of the visitors gets a little too drunk - great cameo here by Beverley Garland - which ends in unexpected tragedy that none of the main characters saw coming! I'd love to see this get an official DVD release, but it seems unlikely, and it's hardly ever shown on TV any more either...what a waste, as this film could be entertaining dozens of new fans or just nostalgia buffs who fancy a bit of twitchy suburban horror from 1969

Reviewed by Lovetvshows 10 / 10 / 10

Creepy little thriller

From the opening credits this film gives off a creepy feeling. You are never quite sure which character is trustworthy. Stella Stevens gives the right amount of instability in her performance of a woman who is unsure of her future. The younger siblings, played by Michael Burns and Barbara Sammeth, are equally as creepy. This is a must have film for people who like suspenseful movies with minimal gore. As another reviewer noted I am surprised that this movie has not been released on DVD. It would be interesting to have a commentary by Stella Stevens. PS: The writers of To Die For with Nicole Kidman must have been fans of this film, since the opening credits are similar to The Mad Room's credits.

Reviewed by grantch 10 / 10 / 10

A Tasty Thriller

This engrossing film has a wonderful premise ... and terrific acting. Shelley Winters as a cranky, self-indulgent whiny control freak is so memorable that I am shocked her fans ave not picketed to have The Mad Room made available on DVD. Stella Stevens turns in a truly remarkable performance becoming more and more unhinged as hidden secrets begin to emerge from the proverbial closet. This movie, like Return from the Ashes, has so many twists and turns you will never be bored. Possible SPOILER (?): Thre is so much wry humor mixed in with the thrills, you will really appreciate. In Othello, plot spoilers say "Watch the handkerchief." In this movie you should "Watch the dog", who surely should have received an award for lending a paw to the proceedings. When and if you see this movie (which seems to, like Return from the Ashes and Four Flies on Grey Velvet, have disappeared from the face of the earth), your admiration of both Winters and Stevens is bound to increase. After viewing, you may require your own Mad Room.

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