The Maddening



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Angie Dickinson as Georgina Scudder
Brian Wimmer as David Osborne
Josh Mostel as Chicky Ross
William Hickey as Daddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prfrmr 8 / 10 / 10

One heck of a creepy film....perfect 'sleazy' talent

I first saw this film in '96 shortly after it came out. My then-bf's dad rented it cause it was a thriller. Back then I didn't know what an Indie film was. Regardless, this one shines a very different light on Reynolds' talent. From the stereotype ladies-man, machoism his fans have long known him for, he takes a few steps back here to a darker, more sinister role (less, later on as 'Boss Hogg'). He starts out as the hunky car mechanic..... coming to the aid and rescue of Mia Sara and daughter. But obviously somethings not all there when he cons an engine prob, offering Sara a call from his own house. Only to "kidnap" her and her young daughter to become companion and house slave to his demented wife (Dickinson). Creepy. There are several moments of ill-found passion where he bullies Sara, and at one time, nearly rapes her, only due to the ghost of his wheelchair-bound demented father....and a hidden, grotesque family secret.....revealed in all hellishness at the end. A must see.

Reviewed by bondscammer 10 / 10 / 10

Sleazy, Not Scary

I've been a fan of the late Burt Reynolds since seeing his hilarious 'Smokey And The Bandit' at a drivie-in as a kid in the 70's. Out of curiosity, I watched 'The Maddening' on YouTube recently and regretted it. This is not the Burt I grew up with or care to see. All actors do whatever roles they want but he was more of a personality and played each part the same way utilizing his charming personality. This 'southern gothic' thriller (horror?) film displays none of his good ole boy persona, and instead, he plays a violent rapist holding a young mother and her daughter hostage at his isolated property along with his mentally ill wife played by Angie Dickinson. I loved seeing Mia Sara (Ferris Bueller) who is fine as the captive of the deranged couple (Burt & Angie) until her husband (miraculously) stumbles across the property while our searching for his missing wife and child. Low budget, mediocre and derivative, I wish I had watched 'Hooper' again instead!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 10 / 10 / 10

Pretty good.

I was a bit skeptical to see this film,mainly because Burt Reynolds plays a psycho killer!I was wrong-"The Maddening" is very good.Reynolds performance is just scary and flawless,and the film has its share of surprises.It's creepy,mildly disturbing at times,but still manages to be entertaining for horror/thriller fans!The acting is surprisingly good and there are some violent scenes like nasty throat slashing!Check it out-you won't be disappointed!8 out of 10.

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