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James Fox as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianchorley 10 / 10 / 10

Classic Evocation of 1950 Wirral and Liverpool Childhood

This is a delightful film about a young boy growing up in a small riverside town,just across from Liverpool, in 1950.He experiences guilt after conning a younger boy out of a magnet and wrongly believing that this has lead to the other boy's death.Humour is provided by the boy's father a psychiatrist/psychologist who has a theory and an answer for everything, unfortunately these are usually wrong. Lots of nostalgia for those of us brought up at that time and place:New Brighton Pier and Lido;Mersey Ferry and Dockland Overhead Railway;Blitzed Area of Liverpool below Anglican Cathedral;Biscuits being delivered in large tin boxes. Most memorable scene:Liverpool/Chinese boy(played by Geoffrey Yin)- When his mother shouts at him in Chinese from a window,he turns to his friends and says "Me mam sez I've gotta ave mi tea" a strong Liverpool accent.

Reviewed by ronevickers 7 / 10 / 10

Lovely evocative movie.

This film is very much of its time, and evokes a more gentler, long gone age. In many ways it is a typical "Ealing" film, although much location work takes place on Merseyside and, in particular New Brighton. I remember seeing this film on the children's' matinée in the 1950's - I enjoyed it then, and it has lost none of its charm now. It's main theme of "cheats not prospering" was a fine ideal then, and still applies today. The comparison of the affluent, comfortable, public school lifestyle of the main character to that of the boys he meets when he crosses the river to Liverpool, is very well drawn and brings an excellent sense of realism to the film. The location shots are first class, and lend an authenticity to the proceedings. The characters are, in the main, well portrayed and it's good to see another bravura performance from that most underrated of character actors, Meredith Edwards. All in all a lovely, timeless classic of a movie!

Reviewed by howardmorley 7 / 10 / 10

Magnetic Young James Fox

I bought this black & white video recently from a street vendor in St Albans market, Hertfordshire as part of a job lot of three Ealing comedies he was selling for £15.The others were "Whisky Galore" and "Passport to Pimlico".The other comments written below adequately deal with the basic plot, so I shall not elaborate further on that.What is interesting is to see the young William Fox play the juvenile lead small boy and whose later stage name was changed to James Fox (brother of Edward Fox) who later became well known in the film "The Servant" and "Performance".I was born in 1946 and this film was produced in 1950 so those scenes shown of early post war Britain have a reminiscence for me, when I remember those bomb sites, school dinners, food rationing which extended up to 1955, and an altogether more simple life.In those days children went "out to play" with their friends much more than todays TV/computer bound generation. The jokes about the Labour Government and psychiatry give the film a distinctly middle class feel which Ealing Studios did not usually portray in their comedies but which was firmly entrenched in the mainstream British film industry at the time.It would be some time before genuine British working class actors exploded onto the screen.The dockside gang the small boy befriends appeared to be genuine working class and so those scenes were the highlight for me.Of course this film being produced in 1950, there has to be a morality tale in the script.Here the evils of cheating someone bring inevitable feelings of guilt until assuaged by an equal measure of generosity by the little boy to the aggrieved party, a handicapped boy of similar age. I had never seen this Ealing comedy before so was delighted by the unexpected twists and turns in the plot.If you are a fan of gentle Ealing comedies, you may want to seek out this long forgotten (by the major TV networks) film and you will be entertained I feel sure.

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