The Man from Earth

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Tony Todd as Mayor Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Furious_is 3 / 10 / 10


Maybe that statement is a little facetious, but I feel it is true. I read AMAZING reviews for this film. I went in with high hopes, expecting a well acted, thoughtful, existential and quiet science fiction film. Instead I saw a film so poor I wondered what's the scam here? How could this film possibly have a score in the high 7s. The premise is solid at first glance, but as the film moves along it delves deeper and deeper in to melodrama, and then eventually patronising and insulting trash. I am agnostic, but I found the religion bashing heavy handed and unnecessary. Most of the actors were doing the best they could with the script, but everything comes across flat and lifeless. None of the characters rang true. None of the dialogue sounded like how real people actually talk. If you want to make a science fiction film that shies away from special effects, and instead relies on realism and storytelling, you had better make the dialogue realistic, and the storytelling compelling. Sadly neither are found here. The look of the film, I get that it is a low budget film made on a single location, but the quality of the film stock! It may seem petty, but I could not get over the thought that I have seen better looking lifetime films. Honestly I have seen better looking daytime soaps from the 80s. Basically I don't get why anyone would call this film good, let alone a masterpiece. I have read rave reviews, 10/10 reviews, gushing about how thought provoking and challenging this film was. My thoughts were ones of disdain. My challenge was to finish this abysmal film. Many of the reviews seem to fixate on the fact that the writer of this wrote for the original Star Trek series. That to me is not a good enough reason to rate this film highly. I honestly felt ripped off by this film. I've been told I didn't get it, but sadly I did. I understood every scene, I understood the implications, I understood the moral dilemmas and deeper meaning of what was being said. It's just that the deeper meaning was shallow and unconvincing. I've been told maybe I should have watched Transformers instead. Just for the record, I was looking forward to a slow, intelligent film minus explosions. Instead I got, this. 3/10, avoid unless you have already drunk the kool-aid and are pre-conditioned to love the film because the writer worked on Star Trek.

Reviewed by dariansdad 10 / 10 / 10


Is that too simple? Maybe. But, this film brings up questions that I've never heard before and discusses possible answers in a medium that normally chooses to titillate rather than stimulate. Kudos to Jenkins and the team for bringing the book to life on the screen. Although shot on a small budget in virtually one location, it is of no import. The story and the way all the actors immersed into the story was the big sell. I heard about the movie on some site, somewhere and was fascinated by the story and the method of distribution. Turns out that pirates made the this movie popular; popular enough to bring some money around to make a second. I have seen both and you'll have to read my review over there for the rest of the story. I want to watch this again in about three months after I have fully digested it.

Reviewed by Rod Martin Jr 10 / 10 / 10

A classic work of art

This is one of those unexpected treasures you hope to find when you see a movie. Almost entirely shot in one setting, this film about a conversation is better, in my opinion, than My Dinner With Andre (one of my favorites). I love how Bixby (the writer) makes you think. He gives us a superb "What If" and thrusts us into John Oldman's lifelong enigma, a burden he has carried for a very, very long time. How would you handle his problem? This delightful conversation sucks the viewer in and won't let go until you see how the protagonist resolves his problem. This is a film that makes you think and wonder about other possibilities. For that, I remain deeply grateful to Bixby for taking on the challenge. For my fellow Christians, I only hope they have the patience and bravery to consider that there may be things even they don't know for certain. After all, both scientists and the faithful need to remain humble to the Truth, whatever that truth turns out to be. And today, I just saw the sequel. I gave the original 10 stars; the sequel only 2. If you've ever seen the sequel, I think you'll love the original.

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