The Man from Nowhere

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April 11, 2019



Bin Won as Jong-hyun
Sae-ron Kim as Yoo Soo-Yeon / Won Yeo-Seon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iamtanjimul 10 / 10 / 10

One of my favorite movies of all time.

This film is so amazing . Good story, a lot of action, the actors are great.I loved it!

Reviewed by dara-fink 10 / 10 / 10

For once - action with plot and great acting...

I am a great Luc Besson fan, but this is the film that 'Leon : The Professional" aspires to. The story is told in a restrained and logical fashion. It is gory and gritty, but as appropriate to the genre. A warning to the faint hearted, however: it is brutal in the action scenes. Not gratuitous like Peckinpah, but still chillingly graphic. It's gore and grit are very appropriate to this genre. I was prepared for a light, illogical action flick and got a layered story with superb acting! The cinematography was top notch. The police and the 'evil henchmen' are cardboard mockups of characters, which helps the viewer detach from worst of the carnage. This is high on my 'watch again' list!

Reviewed by eoxsnipe 10 / 10 / 10

Truly, A man from nowhere

The hero's development through the story to the end perfectly matched the title. It wasn't because he was mysterious, it was the fact he was the girl's neighbor. You don't see how much he cared for the girl until the finale. He was a stranger(technically due to him a the girls relationship in the beginning) that helped another. He was almost like the star from the movie"redemption" , a hero who fell off but crawled out of it. The villians weren't dumb, they were an actual threat to other people around them(the license plate scene and the ruffied girl).the bad guy were just really caught off guard. Which is understandable because They were dealing with someone They know nothing about and underestimated. They were even evil to the point that their brutal deaths gave the feel they deserved it. The use of "ants" was even new to me as well. This showed these weren't the usual drug traffickers you hear about. The fight scenes were used well. The first fight the hero had being the tip of the iceberg of what the final fight would finally be. The brutality matched the emotions and situations. From self defense, survival, and to pure rage. Unlike most fighting movies who has fights in every scene, this actually made the wait worth it.

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