The Many Saints of Newark


Crime / Drama

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Jon Bernthal as Johnny Soprano
Marko Caka as Italian Club Member
Michael Gandolfini as Teenage Tony Soprano
Vera Farmiga as Alice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by snoozejonc 9 / 10 / 10

Thoroughly enjoyed it but recommend rewatching episodes 'Down Neck', and 'For All Debts Public and Private' beforehand

'The Many Saints of Newark' (for me) is an excellent piece of Sopranos fan service with strong character moments and some quite memorable scenes. The plot is reasonably good as it covers a lot of ground in the lives of Dickie Moltisanti, Harold McBrayer, Giuseppina Bruno, the young Tony Soprano, Johnny Soprano Junior Soprano and Livia. The narrative is quite loose as it focuses key parts of Dickie's life, some influential moments on Tony's, plus the racial tensions of the time. There is enough material to cover several episodes of a series and putting it all into one movie feels like I've only had a glimpse of several larger stories. I think it is important to have watched the series beforehand to have a full appreciation for everything. Episodes like the ones mentioned above, plus 'Kennedy and Heidi' from the final series were essential for my own enjoyment. There is a lot of strong character focus, particularly with the influence certain relationships and events have on future events depicted in the series. Most actors have the parts previously played by other actors nailed. I particularly enjoyed the performances of Vera Famiga and Corey Stoll as Livia and Junior. All the cast are superb and Alessandro Nivola leads it well. The presence of Michael Gandolfini does give it that extra edge of plausibility that you are actually seeing a young Tony because of that resemblance. I found it quite reminiscent of Scorsese movies. The use of a voiceover narrator for one (the identity of whom is brilliant), plus the character of Dickie reminded me a bit of Charlie from Mean Streets with his explicitly stated desire to do some good things whilst living a life of crime. As a lead character Dickie is written similarly to Tony as a complex individual finding his way through a brutal world. He is aware of right and wrong which is a source of conflict addressed in multiple scenes of dialogue much like The Sopranos. Visually it is very strong as it tells a story with great cinematography and editing. The opening and ending are absolutely fantastic. The music, narration, and imagery combine perfectly. There are also some incredibly well crafted moments of violence that stick with you long after. My favourite scenes are the ones that involve the family together, such as the dinner table sequence with Christopher as a baby and Johnny's homecoming. I also love every scene that involves Livia. Not everything works for me. There are one or two key moments I personally find a bit contrived to push the plot in a certain direction. I won't spoil, but they involve a situation that eventually provokes violence from a character. They are not badly made in any way, just for me a bit out of left field. I'll be honest and admit to being a biased fan of the show and find it tough to rate. As a stand-alone-alone movie I put it at 8/10. As an episode of the Sopranos I think it would be a 10/10. I'll go in the middle with a 9. I hope David Chase writes and produces another movie because he has wet the appetite with a glimpse of the characters at this stage of life, but not really given enough to fully satisfy. I guess a lot may come down to the financial success of this movie.

Reviewed by wuapktjphq 6 / 10 / 10

"The guy I went to hell for!"

I am a die hard Sopranos fan. Watched the series about 7-8 times. One of the best TV series of all time and without any doubt my favourite. You have to watch the series to truly understand the meaning of it. For example, every scene took me back to the series. If you didn't have a special feeling when Christopher (Michael Imperioli) spoke, then for you it might be a simple and normal movie. Not for me and not for The Sopranos fans. The scenes, the acting, the sound effects, the writing, and the directing were a total masterpiece. Everything is moulding perfectly with the universe they have created and they have only left me wanting for more. If you are reading this I hope you appreciate what you are about to see or already saw. Also, never thought Junior had it in him.

Reviewed by bluesparkles-59317 6 / 10 / 10

Underwhelming, but the acting is fantastic

Jon Bernthal said this film isn't like the Sopranos, and I can see what he means. I walked in thinking this would focus on Tony Sopranos' route to becoming who he is when we meet him in the first episode of the Sopranos, but instead, it focuses on Christopher's dad, Dickie Moltisanti. The acting is superb, but the plot is thin. Dickie is not a particularly interesting character. In fact, I think focusing on Johnny Soprano would've made for a way more gripping film. What we end up with is something half-baked, more of a mini series than a stand-alone film. I have to admit, when the credits started coming up, I was thinking, "Is this it?" For a Sopranos fan, it's worth a watch, but ultimately, it was underwhelming.

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