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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bored_Dragon 10 / 10 / 10


Movie about the beginning of Islam. I am Orthodox Christian, but I must acknowledge this masterpiece. Allegedly, this film is historically precise, and if it really is, then there's no essential difference between Christianity and Islam. Trouble does not lie in opposition of two religions, it lies in existence of greedy, blood thirsty politicians who incite religious fanaticism and abuse basically peaceful religions to accomplish their political and economical goals. Anyway, if you're not Muslim, you just have to put your prejudice aside (if you have any) and you'll enjoy this excellent piece of cinematography.

Reviewed by ShimmySnail 10 / 10 / 10

great film, visuals and acting

This is a great film. I'm a history major who took several courses in the history of the Middle East and Islam, so nothing is going to be good or accurate or trivia filled enough for me, but it certainly didn't contradict anything I'd learned (for cinematic purposes or otherwise), and that's more than I can say for any historical epic I've seen in several years. This film starts with Muhammed receiving the Koran from the angel Gabriel and ends at his death. It was filmed in accordance with Islamic political correctness, so The Prophet himself is never depicted, visually or vocally. While this is well affected, it unfortunately removes him from a lot of the story. I would like to have known a lot more about his life from the film, not his mannerisms or speech as depicted by a particular actor, but at least the major events of his life, his children, his wives, and so on. Having said that, however, the film is still a very good depiction of the birth of Islam. The plot focuses on the historical events rather than the Koran itself, which contains almost no history from its own period, and is therefore different from a lot of Biblical epics which present the historical events IN the Bible. It's accurate in that it tries to present the birth of Islam as most people today probably learn it. Definitely not a propaganda piece, but it's not a movie filled with facts, truth or fiction, more a movie of character and tone. It's more similar to Braveheart than it is to Ben Hur or the Gospel of John. The movie presents a decent snapshot of the times and the attitudes and lifestyles under which Islam developed. The acting is fantastic, the music is good (won an academy award), and the cinematography, filmed in Morocco and Libya, is beautiful. Costumes are cool, and there's a few scenes with a set of ancient bagpipes for you Celtic history buffs.

Reviewed by christian.busse 10 / 10 / 10

THE motion picture about the history of Islam

If you are a muslim, you must see this, if you are interested in Islam, you must see this, and all others should still see this. It's an experience of a lifetime! It shows the true meaning of Islam, its roots, its basic beliefs, and so much more... When I first saw this film, it left me in tears and speechless for quite some time after. When I watch it today, it still does! I don't believe anyone can watch this film and not become moved or even shaken by what he/she sees and hears! If the movie has one shortcoming, it's that the main character, prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), is never actually seen or heard, as it would have been a deadly sin to have an 'imposter' playing Him in the movie. Although this takes some getting used to and creates some lengths (i.e. dialogs which are rather more monologues with pauses), the rest of the movie compensates in full! Watching this movie will probably not make you go out to become a muslim (although I have read that most of the cast/crew involved did so), but certainly put some thought and understanding into you. One of the must see movies or all time!!!

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