The Minimalists: Less Is Now


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michael-misner 4 / 10 / 10

Painful Watching the Monologues

It's a shame to write this because I really like Matt D'Avella's Youtube channel and the first documentary, but I could hardly make it through this without turning it off. The 'minimalists' are painful to watch talking about their upbringing and doing these cringe-inducing monologues/poem-readings looking into the camera - it seems really self-centered to focus the documentary on them. I really wish this had featured Matt instead of Joshua and Ryan. I did enjoy the inclusion of Dave Ramsey and the woman from Greenpeace.

Reviewed by jfullersloane 4 / 10 / 10

It is ALL about them!!!!

I was really excited about this coming out but it was a tremendous let down....after hearing their collective origin story a million times I was hoping that they would move on and take their philosophy and methods to real people....a la Kondo...but no, it is really not helpful to the rest of us at this how do they live their lives how that they have kids? We never see the real practice put it place as an inspiration for the rest of us. Missed opportunity.

Reviewed by galkowskit 4 / 10 / 10

This is a documentary about Joshua and Ryan - not about minimalism; pretentious

If you want to learn what minimalism is or how it can help you, you won't get this from this documentary. This feels like the rehash of the first one, and it's basically a retelling of the TED talk that you can find on YouTube. There is nearly nothing new of substance in here, unfortunately. The documentary starts by selling us a premise of "you'll learn why less is more but for that, you need to learn our story first". But the fact is we never get past their story, I was listening through stories of Josh and Ryan and was waiting for the "actual documentary" to start. But it never starts. It touches multiple issues, it feels like it lacks substance and direction. This is a documentary about Joshua and Ryan - not about minimalism, keep that in mind. The camera work and the choice of secondary guests is great, and I wanted to see more of that and more of them. Josh and Ryan, despite being prominent figures in the minimalism scene, are not relatable for most viewers. Unfortunately, the criticisms from the first document, are even truer in this one and both Josh and Ryan often feel like they are humble bragging their wealth, six figures, their cars, or houses and telling us how awesome it is when you decide not to have it. I believe they are honest and if I ever have as much as they - I will try to live within my means. It feels very pretentious. While I understand the message - don't buy a BMW on credit if you can't afford it - most people don't have the luxury of NOT taking debt to own a house or a flat. If you wish to learn about minimalism: I highly recommend Matt D'Avella's YouTube channel (he is "behind the camera" in this one), the TED talk by The Minimalists or even the first documentary, not this one.

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