The Mistletoe Secret


Drama / Romance

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Beverley Elliott as Catherine
Kellie Pickler as Aria Eubanks
Patrick Duffy as Mack Eubanks
Tyler Hynes as Alex Bartlett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10 / 10

A secret not worth sharing

There is not much else to say that hasn't been said already, both redeeming merits and flaws. This is being said with regret, with absolutely with no intent to hate on it mercilessly. Have never been that kind of person when reviewing. Anybody who has read any of my previous reviews will see that to me Hallmark's output is overall very hit and miss, but most range between mixed to positive. Also have nothing personal against Kellie Pickler, she's a good and likeable singer but her acting just doesn't do it for me. Something that is evident in 'The Mistletoe Secret'. Didn't think that the film was that awful, it is better than 'Christmas at Graceland' (that is a film that is as bad as has been said, though that's not completely irredeemable either) and that it had its moments. There are though a lot of things done very badly to terribly, no it's not just Pickler's deservedly panned performance that's poor, and 'The Mistletoe Secret' is very mediocre at best on the whole. Am going to begin with 'The Mistletoe Secret's' good things. The production values are lovely, especially the magical at its best and never less than attractive scenery that the photographers clearly loved. The music has moments where it is suitably nostalgic and easy on the ears. While Pickler is worse than bad, the supporting cast are not. Actually thought the supporting were quite good. Tyler Hynes is very charming and we also have an amusing turn from Christopher Russell. Patrick Duffy is a very warm and endearing presence, and most would love to have him as a voice of reason, father figure and confidante. Their characters are also very amiable presences. Unfortunately, all those good things are outweighed by what doesn't work. The worst thing about 'The Mistletoe Secret' is Pickler, who is terrible and this is not being said with malice or disrespect. She looks uncomfortable throughout and has no charm or energy whatsoever, also delivering her lines with no feeling and like she was trying to remember what came next. The only criticism often brought up disagreed with is regarding her accent, which is rather nit-picky. Really didn't ever connect with Aria as a character, there is just nothing to her and she has very few positive traits (the negative ones over-written, which is a bugbear of mine in film and television). She and Hynes have no spark or chemistry together, it looks under-rehearsed, ill at ease and the relationship never develops realistically or at the right pace. In fact, the chemistry between the cast is mostly not there, only sparking with any interaction with Duffy. Despite the music itself not being bad, the placement didn't feel right. Too much and too random. Faring just as badly are the script and story, yes as one can see there is more to the problem than just Pickler. The script is cheese and awkwardness personified, with the cutesiness going into overload and there is just no depth whatsoever to it. The story is incredibly predictable and far too slight for the running time. Meaning that the film crawls along at a dull pace and that atmospherically it is very bland, with very little charm or heart, adds further to that. In summary, mediocre. 4/10.

Reviewed by phd_travel 5 / 10 / 10

Cyrano story

Kellie Pickler's charm and voice are endearing but she delivers her lines monotonously like she is reading them. It's painfully obvious when everyone else is a proper actor or actress. There is a cute little Cyrano type story about a travel writer recommending her Utah place. The star sweeps her off but it's the ghost writer friend who loves her. Nice for Dallas fans to see Patrick Duffy still acting as her father.

Reviewed by atlasmb 5 / 10 / 10

Average At Best

Many of the reviews of this Hallmark holiday romance are blaming the performance of Kellie Pickler for its lack of chemistry. She plays the central character, Aria---a young woman who runs the diner in the town of Midway, where they celebrate Christmas every day. The film depends on her unflagging energy to convey an upbeat charm and make her believable as the object of love. As a fan of Ms. Pickler, it pains me to agree that her performance is uneven and uninspiring. On the other hand, I don't agree that she lacks acting talent or charisma. I remember when she first came on the scene as a contestant on "American idol". And so I have to believe that she lacks confidence as an actor and/or she is dealing with personal issues. I hope she can yet prove she deserves roles such as this one. The film's story is exactly what we expect from a Hallmark production. Tyler Hynes, who plays the male lead, Alex, holds up his end and one wonders what might have been if he had more energy to work with. Patrick Duffy is charming as Aria's father, who gives her solid advice and sometimes wears the red suit and whiskers.

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