The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji


Action / Comedy / Crime

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November 9, 2021



Riisa Naka as Junna wakaki
Takayuki Yamada as Tsukihara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Syntax_Terror 8 / 10 / 10

Let's all sing the mole song!

Just one of the "hundreds" of Miike Takashi films, Mole Song is based on the manga series Mogura no Uta. Not knowing this before watching the movie, I was quite surprised. Most anime/manga adaptations I've watched lack any creative maturity, either in acting, script or direction. Mole Song tells the tale of an inept policeman who gets fired and is "promoted" to become an undercover mole and infiltrate a yakuza clan. From the opening scene though, this clearly is more than just a generic yakuza action movie. A balanced mix of comedy, action, and even the slightest touch of romance, Miike brings me back to the time of Happiness of the Katakuris but with a bit more flair and adequate pacing that some of his other films seem to lack (though I can't say I've seen more than 10% of them... there's so many!)

Reviewed by deadcow_s / 10

Miike is taking a break from the serious cinema...

...but he stays more sharp and cool than 99% of the Hollywood in their attempt to bring action and color on the screen. This title is like Ichi the Killer but without the ultraviolence part. Nevertheless - with pallete of kinky characters, funny situations and the visual amazingness only Miike is able to provide. For me - one of the best movies of the year and probably the most ridiculous one so far I've liked. For me Takashi Miike is the one of 3 or 5 living geniuses of the cinema and the fact that he can make a existential drama movie like "Shield of Straws" and kaleidoscope title like "Reiji" in one year is truly unbelievable.

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