The Money Pit

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Frankie Faison as Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.
Jake Steinfeld as Farmyard Bully / Max the Bouncer
Shelley Long as Nona
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blrnani 8 / 10 / 10

What can possibly go wrong when buying the house of your dreams?

It's not often that a remake manages to be even better than a classic original, but this reworking of Mr. Blandings for a more modern context definitely hits the nail on the head. Tom Hanks is hilarious in that underplayed TH manner and his relationship with Shelley Long, as they chase their dreams, is delightful. As an added bonus, it also provides a useful list of things to beware of when buying a house. This is one of my favourite films and I strongly recommend it.

Reviewed by SimonJack 8 / 10 / 10

Training film for stuntmen

About the only thing this movie might be good for is as a training film for Hollywood stuntmen. It has more falls, spills, and hits than any film I can think of. That includes the Three Stooges films. Tom Hanks (or his double or doubles) has about as many falls as he has lines in this mishmash. On the score of falls to humorous lines, there's no contest. The script for this film is witless and humorless. Who knows what the makers were trying to do with "The Money Pit." I saw it as an attempt to make a new version of an older couple of films that were huge successes. Both were about city slickers who wanted to move into the country and they wind up getting stuck with huge fixer- uppers. The first of those was "George Washington Slept Here" of 1942 that starred Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan. The second was "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" of 1948 that starred Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. Both of those films had crisp, sharp, witty and wonderfully funny dialog. It mixed very well with their occasional physical blunders or mishaps. But "The Money Pit" has none of that. Without a clever, funny script the repetitious falls, breaks and problems just get old very fast. Without the dialog, even the first few lack humor. This is a real turkey of a film. The only reason I give it three stars is for the brief but very good role of Estelle, played by Maureen Stapleton. Otherwise, it's a real bore. Here are the four brief pieces of dialog in the entire screenplay that I found funny. Max, "Can I speak frankly?" Anna, "Anything's possible." Estelle, as she lights a candelabra, "I'm trying to save a few bucks on the lights… for the blood-sucking lawyers." Estelle, "You know, you think you know somebody… after 25 years, and then one day, Israeli Intelligence comes to the door." Anna, "Israeli Intelligence?" Estelle, "It turns out Carlos was Hitler's pool man." Curly, "I'm from Shirk Brothers. Your name came up in the drawing. We work today." Walter, "That's good. Where is Brad?" Curly, "Oh, south of France I think." Walter, "Well, shouldn't he be here?" Curly, "Oh, Brad is the executive plumber. We do all the work."

Reviewed by Davis P 8 / 10 / 10

Very funny old hanks movie

The Money Pit (1986) was very early on in tom hanks's Hollywood career, and I'm so glad he decided to do it! Him and Shelley Long that is. I mean this is just a classic to me. From both Long and Hanks's very talented comedic performances to the funny script and some of the best physical comedy I've ever seen done. Tom hanks can play very serious roles in dramatic movies, exhibit A: Forrest Gump, and he is very good at it, but he also is very gifted comedic actor too. He has a lot of great moments that he just delivers the lines in such a way where it works and will have you busting out laughing. Shelley Long is good here, has some very funny scenes, she has some humor that's not very obvious such as slapstick, but it works very well and the two of them have very natural romantic on screen chemistry. They are believable as a couple. I hate it when filmmakers cast romantic leads that have absolutely zero natural chemistry between them. It just makes for awkward interaction and a poor couple. Tbankfully they avoided that with this movie. The movie has some quality physical slapstick style comedy while the house is being worked on, and it for the most part works. The movie isn't the best comedy or 80's movie you'll ever see, but it's cute at times, very funny, and well acted. I suggest it.

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