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Katja Riemann as Doro Feldheim
Martina Gedeck as Jutta
Til Schweiger as Axel Feldheim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10 / 10

Good German comedy from 20 years ago, many stars at very young age

"Der bewegte Mann" is maybe director and writer Sönke Wortmann's big breakthrough movie, although "Kleine Haie" was a success as well. It is based on the comics by Ralf König and won big at the German Film Awards 20 years ago: Feature Film, Direction and lead actor for Joachim Król. Maybe he got it over Schweiger as he played the much more likable character and for the epic wardrobe scene of course. For Riemann and Król, it was also the big breakthrough although the latter had been nominated previously already. And the biggest breakthrough, it must have been for Til Schweiger, under 30 and only known to Lindenstraße audiences at that point. The only reason Rufus Beck (Waltraud) or Armin Rohde did not win in the supporting category was probably as it did not exist. The movie has lots of dirty humor, some of it obvious, some of it not, for example if his offer still "stands". And there is other quotes, for example about sleeping at his place that night "im Ernst or im Bett". It's pretty impossible to translate accurately. Anyway, there are drag queens and there are absolutely no taboos in terms of talk about male and female sexuality. And we get to see the two protagonists' naked butts. Schweiger plays a hetero male who just lost his girlfriend and dives into the gay scene more and more. He has nothing going on with them of course, but they somehow see him as an object of desire. What I did not like was that the gays were displayed somewhat simple and dumb as they were obviously not realizing (or did not want to realized) that Schweiger's character wasn't even remotely interested. Of course, right before they split, he still managed to get his girlfriend pregnant. My favorite comedic parts were how she always enters when he seems in dubious homoerotic situations. Occasionally, I found it confusing if Schweiger's character wasn't actually gay as the film sometimes tried to make us think that way, but then randomly another woman entered the picture and the love life of Schweiger's character. Anyway, as a whole, I recommend watching this movie, especially if you are interested in German cinema. I am not sure if it was good enough to deserved all the accolades it got, but it is a fairly decent film and it was also a huge commercial success being among the three most lucrative films that year in Germany together with classics like "Forrest Gump" and "The Lion King". Quality-wise, I have to say, however, it is not on par with these two.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 3 / 10 / 10

Who says that the Germans can't be funny?!

Because of Germany's past, one might end up believing that the German population never sees any incentive to be humorous. "Der Bewegte Mann" (called "Maybe...Maybe Not" in English) disproves that. Axel Feldheim (Til Schweiger) is thrown out by his girlfriend Doro (Katja Riemann) after she finds him cheating on her. He moves in with his gay friend Norbert Pommer (Joachim Krol). When Doro tries to talk to Axel and finds out accidentally that Norbert is gay...well you can probably figure that it leads to sort of a wacky predicament. Anyway, the point is that the Germans CAN be funny. In fact, I believe that this was the first internationally successful German comedy. And you can't go wrong with gay comedy. It's the kind of humor where you think: "Oh no...oh yes." Cool.

Reviewed by preppy-3 3 / 10 / 10

Silly and unfunny

Stupid little German sex comedy about hunky Til Schweiger living with gay Joachim Krol after girlfriend Katja Riemann catches him having sex with another girl. Then she discovers she's pregnant and wants him back. But Krol wants him too... On the plus side--the acting is good and Schweiger (who is very handsome with a great body) has frequent nude scenes. That's about it for positives. On the negative side--the movie is silly; reinforces the myth of gay men trying to seduce straight guys; also has us believe that all gay guys LOVE drag; ALSO tells us that gay guys are sex maniacs; demonizes the female characters and has no real ending. Also none of the comedy was even remotely funny. The only reason this seems to have been made is to show Schweiger out of his clothes as much as possible (but no frontal). Nothing wrong with that and he IS a good actor...but that's not enough to carry the movie. If you can sit through silly dialogue and the dumb plot to see Schweiger nude you won't be disappointed--otherwise you can skip it. However a previous poster did say the subtitles were badly done--that might be the problem. If I understood German I might like this better. However, as it stands, I can only give it a 3.

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