The Mummy's Curse

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Boris Karloff as Dr. Friedrich Hohner
Lon Chaney Jr. as Manon
Tom Tyler as Frank James
Virginia Christine as Sister Marthe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Norm-30 7 / 10 / 10

An "off-beat" Mummy film

This entry in the "Mummy series" is unlike all the others, but that's what makes it interesting! One of THE most interesting sequences in this film is when the Princess awakens in the bog (due to the sunlight), and slowly rises to her feet, totally covered with mud, and staggers to town. A very dramatic scene!

Reviewed by classicsoncall 5 / 10 / 10

"On the night when the moon is high in the heavens, the mummy and his princess, they walk."

With Lon Chaney portraying The Mummy for the last time, and with no name actors for support, "The Mummy's Curse" is the least noteworthy of the Mummy sequels, but you know what - it's a blast! Let's start with the chronology; originally "The Mummy" starring Boris Karloff was set in 1932, the year of it's release, reinforced by the second expedition to Egypt by the Whemple's at which time they discovered the tomb of Anck-Es-En-Amon, Imhoteps' lost love of 3700 years prior. The first sequel, "The Mummy's Hand" is also chronologically coherent, set in 1940. But then it gets interesting; "The Mummy's Tomb" takes place some thirty years following the events of "Hand", with "The Mummy's Ghost" somewhat after. Now we learn that "The Mummy's Curse" occurs an additional twenty five years after "Ghost". If you're doing the math, we're now into 1995! Now we're into the locale; "Ghost" ended with Kharis and Ananka lost in a Massachusetts swamp, Ananka's beauty having withered into an ages old hag before the waters of the swamp claimed the two lovebirds. Now we've shifted to the Louisiana bayou country and the site of an industrial project - "The devil's on the loose and he's dancin' with the mummy!" We're signaled to the emergence of the Kharis legend by the first appearance of a dead body, but has anyone noticed that the laborer Antoine died with a knife in his back? Kharis always did his dirty work with his left hand, leaving bandage mold behind on the neck of his victims. I must say though, the resurrection of Princess Ananka was inspired and a classic piece of work, as she slowly and gradually crawls out of the dirt of the swamp, her twenty five year old mud pack having worked wonders for her complexion - and all without benefit of a tana leaf brew! Speaking of which, the tana leaf legacy gets a slight reworking in this film as well, it takes three leaves to keep Kharis' heart beating and nine to give him life and movement. As Ananka, Virginia Christine is a quick study, note that in all the Mummy films, none of the victims ever figured it out like Ananka - RUN AWAY FROM THE MONSTER! Hey, how great would it have been though, when Dr. Halsey (Dennis Moore) and Betty Walsh (Kay Harding), discover the collapsed Ananka on the side of a swamp road(?) and the creature not far behind in pursuit, if The Mummy had actually overcome the scientist, picked up Ananka and drove away in the car? It would not have been any zanier than the actual outcome. Finally, is it possible that Egyptian high priests just have no self discipline? George Zucco's Andoheb, Turhan Bey's Mehemet, John Carradine's Yousef, and now Martin Kosleck's Ragheb falls under the spell of a pretty woman, all breaking their vows to deliver Kharis and Ananka to their final resting place. Eventually, Lon Chaney's Kharis creates his own undoing, destroying the monastery where Ananka's sarcophagus is held, with the rubble of the building crashing down on top of him. But it was with a sense of "It's not too late to do this at least one more time" that I viewed the ending, Kharis has gotten out of a lot tougher scrapes than this one. If you can't tell by now, my sarcasm for the Mummy series is done tongue in cheek, because the films are a blast and a sheer joy for lovers of old classic horror. While the original "Mummy" deserves it's place in the Universal pantheon of terrific characters along with Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman, the sequel Mummy's are best enjoyed on a somewhat different level, one that requires a stronger disengagement from reality and definitely allowing a chuckle or two.

Reviewed by bsmith5552 5 / 10 / 10

The Mummy Fades Out!

"The Mummy's Curse" was the fifth and final installment of Universal's mummy series and the third to star Lon Chaney as Kharis. At the close of the previous film, "The Mummy's Ghost" Kharis and the reincarnated Princess Ananka are seen descending into a swamp located in New England. As this film opens we find out that they have magically been transported to the Louisiana bayous. Anyway, it seems that a certain swamp is about to be drained and the locals fear that the ancient mummy will be dredged up. As luck would have it, he is. Dr. James Halsey (Dennis Moore) along with colleague Dr. Ilzer Zandaab (Peter Coe) have come to the area to recover the two mummies for a museum. Dr. Zandaab turns out to be the latest in along line of Egyptian High Priests charged with returning Kharis and Ananka to Egypt. Zandaab along with assistant Raghab (Martin Kosleck) revives Kharis (Chaney) in an old abandoned church and instructs him to find the Princess Ananka and to kill anyone who gets in his way. This he does. Meanwhile Ananka (Virginia Christine) climbs out of the bayou and wanders aimlessly through the countryside. She is befriended and taken in by the locals. Eventually Kharis finds her and takes her back to Zantaab and....... The film features a flashback sequence lifted in tact from "The Mummy's Hand" (1940) which itself was largely made up from footage taken from "The Mummy" (1932). In this sequence we see Tom Tyler as the unbandaged Kharis. The slim and muscular Tyler bore little resemblance to the heavier Chaney. Watch for two veterans of the silent screen, William Farnum and Charlie Stevens in minor roles. The Mummy was resurrected briefly for 1955's "Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy".

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