The Naughty Stewardesses


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10 / 10

It's strange,...very strange and not particularly good

I sought out this film for one reason--Al Adamson. He is among the worst directors of all time--right up there with Ed Wood, Jr. and Ray Dennis Steckler and the pantheon of awfulness. However, I was a tad disappointed because although the film was indeed bad, it never approached the levels of awfulness of some of his earlier schlocky movies. Because of that, this film wasn't particularly fun to watch for us bad movie fans. Now I was wary about watching this film, as the title "Naughty Stewardesses" makes the film sound like a pornographic film--something I wouldn't be reviewing on IMDb. However, this film appeared to be this at times--particularly the first 10 minutes. But, you could tell that the script underwent many changes, as for much of the film there isn't any titillation at all and towards the end of the movie there is a plot that comes out of no where that is violent and certainly NOT sexy! The result of all this is total confusion. Sadly, none of the many parts are even good. For example, as a porn video, it shows surprisingly little AND it's incomprehensible why they would put a 71 year-old guy in some of the love scenes. Sure, for a 71 year-old Mr. Livingston looked pretty good--but he was still an old man and no one would want to see him getting it on with young nymphet! Then, when the final 20 minutes becomes very violent, as Livingston became a Rambo-like guy! Talk about weird and inappropriate. Overall, there is little to recommend this sad movie. It's not bad enough or sexy enough to care about and the film manages to be rather boring even with such a crazy title like "Naughty Stewardesses".

Reviewed by neil-476 3 / 10 / 10


Connie Hoffman is very pretty and is attractively topless at times. That's it, folks. The sole reason for even considering whether to watch this film or not. These 70s sexploitation period pieces are sometimes entertaining by virtue of their very datedness (flared trousers, big hair, Zapata moustaches etc.). This one isn't. The script is bad, the acting is bad, the direction is bad, and the idea of having a senior citizen romantic leading man is exceptionally bad. The title, hinting at a sex comedy, is grossly misleading. I heartily recommend avoiding this one like the plague.

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10 / 10

Kind of Dull and Boring

"Debbie" (Connie Hoffman) is a new stewardess who comes from Kansas City and is trying to figure out what she wants in life. So she rents a room with three other stewardesses and whenever she gets some time off goes out either with them or sometimes with one or two men she has met recently. One particular man named ""Cal" (Richard Smedley) really interests her but he begins to act a little weird and so as a result she tries to avoid him. Yet another man by the name of "Brewster" (Robert Livingston) also seems interested in her and even though she feels comfortable around him she doesn't quite get the feeling that he really cares about her. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film starts off slow and proceeds at that speed for almost the entire length of the picture. Fortunately, it picks up a bit towards the end but not enough to drastically change the movie for the better. Likewise, although Connie Hoffman was certainly attractive enough her performance wasn't enough to improve this film to any great degree either. In short, it was kind of dull and boring. Below average.

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