The Next Kill

Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 32


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February 13, 2021



Elle LaMont as Lizzy
Ernie Reyes Jr. as Badass Blue-Shirt-Wearing Pizza-Loving Surfer Dude
James Hong as Dr. Zin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Angry_Santa 1 / 10 / 10

Marketing for the "Cartoon Camera" app?

Looks like somebody paid $3.95 for the Cartoon Camera app and decided they wanted to try to make the money back by making a movie with it. Yes, it does indeed feel like it was filmed in two days using a mobile 'phone for both filming and editing - and I wouldn't be surprised if they also used that same 'phone to write the script. Seriously folks, if you're going to make a vanity project, PLEASE keep it to yourselves (or at worst, your wider circle of family and friends) - don't inflict it on the world as a purported "work of art," as the rest of us don't appreciate having our time and money (and sanity) wasted.

Reviewed by fear95180 / 10

This is true love for making movies.

I saw this film in Macabro Films too... and I enjoyed it too much. Is funny, and everything is making with sense. They know that is not a masterpiece, but is pure fun, narrative and blood. Great movie.

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