The Night of the Hunted

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10 / 10

Rollin has a go at urban horror

Night of the Hunted is ostensibly something of a departure for French horror auteur Jean Rollin. Its story is on the face of it unusual for the director. Its about a mysterious clinic in a high-rise building where patients have a mental disorder where their memories and identities are disintegrating due to an environmental accident. The setting is in the middle of a city and the visuals are ones of sterile urban alienation as opposed to the Gothic surrealism more typically associated with Rollin. Yet, within this veneer is a film that anyone even remotely familiar with the director's work can identify quite easily as one of his films. It has the typical Rollin characters - alluring yet strangely asexual young women in the central roles and extremely dull men in the periphery. The dialogue is as poor as always. The story is as flimsy and senseless as its possible to be. There is an abundance of nudity. It has the strange melancholic, romantic atmosphere which always makes his movies so odd for horror films. And it also displays Rollin's eye for the surreal. The ending in particular on the grassy viaduct over the city being a perfect example of this. In other words, Night of the Hunted, despite surface differences contains all the strengths and weaknesses that all Rollin films have. The story and setting itself very much recalls the work of David Cronenberg. But the similarities are entirely superficial. As Rollin is pretty much diametrically opposite in approach to Cronenberg as a filmmaker. Where the latter is highly scientific in his approach, Rollin is a pure romantic. In fairness, the story here could have done with a bit of developing to make it entirely satisfying but then you could probably say that about all the other films in the directors oeuvre to some extent. There is a quite nice score which certainly adds to the atmosphere well; while Brigitte Lahaie is a good presence and by some distance the only memorable actor in the entire film. If you have any hope of enjoying this film you need to be able to buy into the weird haunting world typical of this director. You need to have some appreciation of his visual ideas too. Otherwise I expect you may dislike this rather a lot. I wouldn't say this is a particularly accessible Rollin film; I'm not really sure there is such a thing.

Reviewed by raymond-15 8 / 10 / 10

Like it or not, I watched it to the end

Not a lot of action in this film because in many of the scenes there are zombie-like characters who are suffering from complete loss of memory. It appears that their brains have been grossly affected by a recent nuclear spill. To avoid panic among the general public, the patients are confined as prisoners in a high-rise city building. Patients who are past the point of recovery either commit suicide (scissors in the eyes), or are put to sleep with an injection and disposed of in a furnace, or shot in the back if attempts are made to escape, or strangled by one of the mad inmates. It's so over the top, humour takes over from horror! The story is spiced up with a couple of sex scenes and there is full frontal male and female nudity. Elizabeth and Veronique (who spend a lot of time in flimsy night-gowns) make a daring attempt (after stealing a revolver) to get a message to the outside world. Subsequently a young man breaks into the well-guarded building to save them. The plot is full of weaknesses and the editing lacks the professional touch. The music is quite good and suggests danger at every turn in the labyrinth of corridors. Despite the exagerated nonsense portrayed in the film I watched it to the end. I think my brain too had been affected by the weird goings-on!

Reviewed by Leonard Smalls: The Lone Biker of the Apocalypse 8 / 10 / 10

Definitely a good one for the Euro-horror/trash fan.

I went into "Night of the Hunted" not knowing what to expect at all. I was really impressed. It is essentially a mystery/thriller where this girl who can't remember anything gets 'rescued' by a guy who happens to be driving past. The two become fast friends and lovers and together, they try to figure out what is going on with her. Through some vague flashbacks and grim memories, they eventually get to the bottom of it and the ending is pretty cool. I really liked the setting of this one: a desolate, post-modern Paris is the backdrop with lots of gray skies and tall buildings. Very metropolitan. Groovy soundtrack and lots of nudity. Surprising it was made in 1980; seems somewhat ahead of it's time. 8 out of 10, kids.

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