The Nights Before Christmas



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 5 / 10 / 10

Bad Santa.

For the final day of FrightFest 2020 I looked at what the last stream flicks of the night were. Finding a lone Horror flick,I got set for a bloody Christmas. Note:Review contains plot details. View on the film: Making a kill list and checking it twice, the screenplay by director Paul Tanter and lead Simon Phillips muddle through on it to sleigh naughty or nice,with naughty being a police procedural with cardboard characters which drains the entire energy out of the flick,and nice, being much-needed dollops of Grindhouse sleaze. Splattering blood and red tinsel on the screen, director Tanter brings the Grindhouse cheer when finally free of the needless exposition, with zoom-ins on Santa's (played with a cackling menace by Simon Phillips) tasty chopping skills (including a hosepipe!) and lingering shots giving a eyeful of skin from Mrs. Claus, (played with a wicked raunchy edge by Sayla de Goede) until a swift whip-pans runs down Mrs. Claus digging her heels into the next naughty lad,as Santa and Mrs. Claus wish all a good bloody night.

Reviewed by iainmcleod_800 1 / 10 / 10

3 is generous

Honestly, this could have been such a good movie. The idea was good, but the movie just wasnt. Acting was poor at almost all times. Lines just delivered as if being read of the page. Except the bad guys and the sheriff who was only in one scene. And i know they wanted to make things scary, jumpy etc, but some scenes were just outrageously poor and unbelievable. Particularly when the FBI guy had a gun in Mrs C's face as she killed someone and did nothing. Then one scene "this is a private party" im not even going into And lastly the the girl with pink hair, we are supposed to care about her? She was rude and swore at the police etc. Pass

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1 / 10 / 10

Stupid film

A friend forced me to watch this whole movie which is 1 hour and 43 minutes long but feels like 3 hours. It just goes on and on and considering it seems to have had a very lean budget, I have no idea why. They certainly did not spend any money on actors since the people hired to "perform" in this seem to have been hired for their ability to deliver their lines in the most emotionless way possible. The movie is nothing more then very poorly done set-ups of people being slaughtered and all of it looks zero-budget fake, if it happens on camera at all , most of it doesn't. Mainly though this is just nonsense, with every character except for the lead killers behaving in the most brain damaged way possible. How many morons can stand there with their guns drawn and not use them while they watch someone killed ? One deranged Santa with an axe taking on an entire force of FBI agents and winning ? This is so poorly written and not even in a funny, so bad it's good way. Avoid this like the plague. If someone is going to make a really bad movie keep it under 90 minutes.

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