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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 5 / 10 / 10

My father is dead. Again.

Rachel works officially as an English teacher in Tehran, but she is actually a local operative agent in the pay of the Mossad. In this respect, she summarily executes missions without really understanding neither the why nor the who: kill a Russian John Doe within an elevator, copy files from a computer server, import explosive charges in Iran, observe the comings and goings of an Iranian minister from the terrace of a bistro ... until her consciousness reaches saturation and forces her to stop. With The Operative (2019), Yuval Adler delivers a simple and well-interpreted spy film, especially with the excellent Diane Kruger. In a way, her character of Rachel reminds me of Meursault in L'Étranger (Albert Camus, 1942). But the film is excessively messy with manifold flashbacks as numerous as irritating. Overall, I had a hard time being empathetic with this Rachel. Despite undeniable qualities, this film frustrated me. As a synthesis: 4/5 of 10. PS: Knowing that the purpose of a coded telephone conversation is to not attract attention of a hypothetical agent of the local counterintelligence services (and in case of failure, to offer a maximal misunderstanding of the conversation ), thus with a spy movie beginning with a coded phrase such as « my father is dead, again », it is better not to expect a masterpiece.

Reviewed by sarahbesic-06842 5 / 10 / 10

Respectable profound entertainment

Having seen this film in its German dubbed version as a sneak preview all in all I'd summerize it to be a quite good adapted modern spy story. In contrary to those visually stunning yet totally noncredible Bond like movies, you'll barely find any attention-grabbing punch-ups, car chases or technical gadgets contests. Instead you're invited to follow an authentic and neatly elaborated plot in the realm of operational duties within the Israeli secret service. The several well chosen locations serving as a livelike coulisse as well as the seemingly incidental requisites together form a granular composition for the story line. The cast, the really good construction of the characters und the detailled, emotionally vivid acting lay the slick groundwork for various arcs of suspense. The viewers easyly can share the characters excitement and therefore can put themselves in the different positions. The director consciously utilizes cutting, e.g. long abiding vs. fast action driven scenes, different camera perspectives like close-ups during face-to-face conversations or impressive landscape-shots, chronological cut-backs and much more to involve and thrill the audience. Finally and generously the movie doesn't try to persuade the spectator in respect of a potentially more valuable opinion in this politically delicate setting. So why didn't I award 10/10? Firstly sometimes single scenes and dialogues appear to be a little bit clumsy. Secondly a noticable lack of scenic elegance and narratively ease slightly overtax the characters struggles instead of pointing on the gravity of the main topic with its complex implications. But all in all a really nice film!

Reviewed by neobateman 5 / 10 / 10

Well intentioned but disappointing in the long run.

When a young woman is recruited by the Mossad, she is sent to Tehran to work undercover. However she soon warms to the place and people and this may risk not only her career but also the plans of her employers. The Operative is one of those slow spy thrillers, it takes its time to build the characters and attempts are made to connect audiences to Diane Kruger's character. However the actual presentation of the story has some real pacing issues where I lost the plot many times. I get that this is meant to be a character driven film. But film makers such as Polanski (Chinatown) and Sydney Pollack (Three Days of the Condor) have shown that the plot can take a backseat for characters. But there was still considerable amount of strings being pulled in the background to make it work. The stories were complex because there were many details that need to be uncovered. The Operative is convoluted because there is very little within the story and therefore the film makers try to hide that by dragging scenes out. By having scenes that are completely pointless. Diane Kruger is an extremely talented actress and this may actually be her best performance of her career. Her character is relatable to audiences but mysterious for them to ask the question who she really is. The rest of the cast feels rather wasted with other players including Martin Freeman, pop in and out of the picture. The movie on a technical level is competent but nothing shows of a unique vision. This makes The Operative feel like a generic spy caper that isn't even exciting. Perhaps if you browse by this film on Netflix and have nothing else to do, The Operative might be a film for that occasion. Otherwise, no recommendation from me.

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