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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rody1141 10 / 10 / 10

Finally a movie that's accurate.

I did two combat deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. I can tell you without a doubt this movie is the most accurate representation of FOB/COP life, soldier lingo, and to an extent the combat. Most reviews I've read complain of sub-par dialogue and not a clear story as to what was going on prior to the attack, but I bet that most of the reviews were from people who have never been to war. In war Dialogue between soldiers is not interesting, it's dark, unfiltered, and usually disgusting. We degrade each other, fight each other, we say things so offensive and disgusting that most people would think we have issues. In war you also don't always have a clear cut mission that you can make into some grand Hollywood story. When you deploy you are supposed to find bad guys and help locals, that's it. Those hoping war has some interesting story will be disappointed. You sit around bored, exhausted, missing home, working out, eating garbage food, piss in tubes/bottles (first movie I've seen that showed the bottles), burn your own crap, watch movies, go on patrol and maybe get shot at. Every so often you get a big mission where the combat gets intense. Then it's rinse and repeat, that's how it is and I'm sure prior to the attack, that's how life on Keating was. This movie depicts life in the military so accurately that I was like "my gosh finally someone did it, they got it right it". So to anyone reading this, this is as real as you'll find it until something else is made. All those who talk smack about it are idiot keyboard warriors. The combat itself is good, explosions look real even the CGI ones were ok, none of that dumb fireball explosion crap, the dust and smoke generated from shooting and explosions to the point the soldiers in the movie were coughing from it was legit. Now I wasn't in this battle but I've been in my fair share of fights I can tell you that tracer rounds aren't as fruitful as you see here. Most of the time you get shot at an have no idea where it came from except maybe a general direction. Muzzle flashes also are hard to see unless it's at night and you could see them all over in this movie. Usually you just see dust or smoke from where they shot, not flashes. But Hollywood has to do this for the effect as it does makes firefights look cool and without seeing tracer bullets whiz by it takes away from the intensity. Also the soldiers were able to yell and talk to each other from long distances. Yea that doesn't happen, war is ungodly loud, you have to be screaming in a dudes ear to hear you. When the air support showed up finally, how it was being controlled didn't make sense, but that's just me being nit picky as not many people know what the hell is going on with that. The tactics were decent, you could tell there was some military advising for sure but some things didn't make sense. Not sure if that's how it happened or just Hollywood though. Overall if you want to watch the most realistic depiction of how the war in Afghanistan is, this is it. To all the naysayers saying this is garbage, hate the way the soldiers talk to each other, or wish there was a more clear story/mission, you obviously have never been there. RIP to all the fallen in this battle

Reviewed by pedro380085 7 / 10 / 10

Great war movie, don't get demotivated by the naysayers

This is a great movie. Indeed there are, but there are a couple of great things about it: this was a movie based on true eventsthe action scenes are exciting and provide an engaging visual fellingthere is no sugar coating, the actions depicted on the movie real and truthful It follows a similar line to 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which I liked a lot too. The storytelling around the lives of each soldier are built differently, but the goal here is not to explore the lives of each of them, but to understand the challenges of fighting a war in a place clearly indefensible. There are no protections against the mountains and everyone knows it, even the viewer as you get the first glimpse of the environment the soldiers were put in. I recommend this movie and I think you will like it if you also like movie based on true events.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 7 / 10 / 10

Lots of filler, little substance.

I felt like I was playing Call of Duty for 5 hours. A mishmash of battles and irrelevant dialogue, for a basic mission. Sadly, I wasn't participating in this conflict. The realism was excellent, although heavily drawn out by a screenplay that needed to be much tighter. The casting was excellent and I felt although not all performances where great, they were convincingly real and emotional. It's not your typical Hollywood war film, but instead one of true grit war films that honors the real life soldiers that were KIA or able to return home. Your eyes will be glued to the screen, but you'll be left unsatisfied with the overall storytelling.

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