The Painting

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February 18, 2020


Charles Shaughnessy as King Frederick
Debbie Allen as Lydia
Stacey Dash as Channing
William R. Moses as James / Max Kennington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tartanesha 10 / 10 / 10

A beautiful movie that shows LOVE knows no color

I think the movie was very beautiful. They both loved each other, and held onto that loved, and pursued it despite the odds that faced them both. It just goes to show that sometimes love CAN conquer all. I think he was a compassionate and remarkable man. It showed in his ability to love his wife, to stand up for his friends, his beliefs, and most importantly, his decision to give his life to save that little girl. It was sad that he died though. I always hold a special place in my heart for movies that try to portray love with no boundaries! I have been in interracial relationships, and i have a biracial child. I am open to love, no matter the race, because you never know who you will love until it happens to you. I think that is one of the main points this movie was trying to get across! Peace and Blessings

Reviewed by rsgallo 8 / 10 / 10

This movie is fantastic

I was so grateful to be present at the Premiere of this movie in Kansas City. I went, thinking the worst that could happen was being bored for a couple of hours. Well, just the opposite happened. This movie was so outstanding, I was taken by surprise. It was so well done. This movie is both a chick flick and a guy flick, very rare now days. It pulls you into the movie, gently, sweetly inviting you into the character's lives. I fell so in love with the people in the movie, they were real, it showed them for the good and the weaknesses, but you cared for them as you would a dear friend or a relative. What happened to each of them deeply affected me as I came to care more and more deeply for them. The camera work was stunning too. It was like the camera was having a love affair with the actors, the sets and the surroundings. The movie would especially be powerful to those who were born in the late 1940's or early 1950's, so many events that were shown were events, I myself had lived through, which made them even more personal in nature. If anyone has been to Vietnam, I definitely recommend this movie. It is one of the few movies where Vietnam vets were really honored. I could not recommend this movie highly enough. I hope and pray everyone will get to see this movie. It is very real, very thought provoking, very deep, very good....

Reviewed by danmoran 8 / 10 / 10

A touching and moving story of the power of love

A marvelous testament to the human spirit. The story of a young man whose search for what matters most to him, and the lives that he touches along the way. Vivid performance all around. Clifton Davis and Heath Freeman stand out. Highly recommended.

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