The Panther Squad

Action / Adventure / Crime / Science Fiction

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Sybil Danning as Lili Anders
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 3 / 10 / 10

Embarrassingly dreadful.

Embarrassingly bad, grade-Z "action" film, but the spectacle of a leather-clad Sybil Danning is worthy of a single star. If you're looking for a serious actioner with girls kicking a**, don't bother; obviously the people involved in making this don't have a clue. The man who plays the only male agent gives the only convincing performance; he looks utterly stupefied.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 2 / 10 / 10

Entertaining piece of 80's action trash

An astronaut gets abducted by a radical group of environmental terrorists. It's up to a group of female mercenaries led by the insanely foxy Ilona (almighty B-movie goddess Sybil Danning in fine two-fisted form) to save the day. Man, is this one really silly, but still enjoyable flick: The ham-fisted (mis)direction, extremely inane story, chintzy (not so) special effects, ineptly staged action scenes, the furiously pumpin' score, a groovy 80's rock theme song, and an amusing sense of campy humor all give this honey a certain loveably tacky charm. The familiar cast of Eurosleaze cinema faces helps a lot: Jack Taylor as the laid-back Frank Bramble, Antonio Mayans as the flamboyantly evil General Carlos, and Karin Schubert as the feisty Barbara. Alas, there's no nudity, but the gals all look nice in their bikinis and Sybil seriously rocks her gnarly leather outfit. A schlocky hoot.

Reviewed by wound3 2 / 10 / 10

an incredibly lame movie(may contain spoilers)

this movie is incredibly lame. im not sure whether the makers of this movie were trying to make a serious movie or a parody of something that was supposed to be laughed at. apparently the "panther squad" is supposed to be some sort of elite crime-fighting force made up of young, sexy women led by a more experienced member(who looks forty) . sure, they're supposed to seem cool, but they come out looking and sounding sooooooo stupid. its funny to watch at times. they have these really lame remarks through out the movie, like; lets show'em how to party", or,"stay down or we'll blow your snikes off". it's laughable how they also look so lame becouse they're trying so hard to look cool, and their fights(which they win so easily).are acompanied with funky 70S type music. the plot is ridiculous, as they try to win against incredible odds. watch out for the dumbest ending ever. there's some effort to make this movie good, but its spoiled by the fact that it looks really low budget, and is really boring unless you've got nothing else to do but to whatch this horrible, horrible movie. so lame, it can be funny. and a boring movie if you have nothing better to do. my rating: 2/10 (which is pretty much the worst movie i've seen!)

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