The Park Is Mine

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Helen Shaver as Clair Lewis
Jay Thomas as TV Reporter
John Kerr as Reporter - Conference
Tommy Lee Jones as Duke Montana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10 / 10

If Tommy Lee says the park is his… Well, then the park is his!

"The Park is Mine" is a modest yet fervent and well-intended mid-80's TV drama with a noble underlying message and a fabulous lead performance by Tommy Lee Jones. Basically speaking the film belongs in the thriller sub category of 'trouble with Vietnam veterans', but this one is of a different caliber. There where most exploitation movies deal with disillusioned veterans going bonkers and heading out on a violent murder rampage, "The Park is Mine" tries to implement a more emotional and humane approach. Sure the whole premise is completely implausible and even somewhat preposterous, but if you switch off your sense of logic for a good hour and a half, you definitely won't be bored! This is the second time Tommy Lee Jones depicts an embittered Vietnam veteran, after his role in the dark and gritty "Rolling Thunder". Mitch is an aimlessly roaming vet in New York. He can't keep a job, his wife divorced him and he doesn't get any respect from anybody is this damned city where everyone simply minds his own business. When his terminally ill war buddy commits suicide, Mitch finds out he was planning an attention- grabbing initiative in Central Park. Mitch executes the plans and takes control over the park. His peaceful but nevertheless explosive attempt to make people more aware of life receives a lot of interest from the media and support from the populace, but it's quite an embarrassment for the authorities – and particularly for the deputy mayor – so they try to eliminate Mitch in any possible way they can. There are some nice photographic shots and explosions, but this is primarily Tommy Lee Jones' movie! He's excellent, charismatic and quite overpowering with his painted face and mirror sunglasses. His great acting compensates even for the stupidest plot twists (Vietcong mercenary in Central Park? !?) and the clichéd ending. Jones also receives pretty good support from Yaphet Kotto as the likable copper and Peter Dvorsky as the sleazy deputy mayor.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 8 / 10 / 10

Don't mess with a clever Vietnam vet.

You might say this is a passionate action movie. Probably did not cost much to make, but is somewhat interesting. Tommy Lee Jones plays a veteran from the Vietnamese conflict and he wants to raise awareness to how veterans, the elderly and underprivileged are overlooked. He decides to take Central Park hostage. Then he is forced to defend his position with gunfire. Who said all is fair in love and war? Also in the cast are Helen Shaver and Yaphet Kotto. Not too far fetched; and this movie does grab your attention.

Reviewed by WillCAD 8 / 10 / 10

Fantastic fantasy action

The idea is absurd - a Vietnam veteran who feels that Vietnam vets have been poorly treated by the country they served decides to single-handedly take control of New Yorks Central Park by force of arms as a social protest. But the vet is dyeing of cancer (courtesy of agent orange exposure during the war) and commits suicide before he can complete his plan. So instead, he leaves a long letter to his war buddy Mitch (Tommy Lee Jones), asking him to complete the plan in his place. At first, Mitch thinks the plan is as crazy as... well, as it is. But after a series of disappointing encounters with his ex-wife, his landlord, and some snotty NYPD cops, he gets angry enough to complete the plan and take over Central Park, keeping everyone out with explosive booby traps and gunfire (blanks at first) for 48 hours until Veteran's Day. The city administration is understandably upset by this action, and after a police assault to capture Mitch fails, they hire a pair of mercenaries to simply kill him. Complicating matters is an overly ambitious TV reporter (Helen Shaver) who sneaks into the park on her own to try for an interview, and a Swat team leader (Yaphet Koto) who sympathizes with Mitch but wants him out of the park as much as the administration. This movie has it all - action, suspense, drama, a few unsuspected twists, and an ending that leaves you feeling both happy and sad at the same time. Originally made for HBO in 1985, this excellent action flick has unfortunately never been released on DVD. But with so much TV being released on DVD these days, I have hope that one day soon I will be able to add The Park Is Mine to my DVD collection.

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