The Pebble and the Boy



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tanya-duffy 9 / 10 / 10

Phew! Not another Quadrophenia wannabe!

I always have reservations when a new Mod film is released, they always try to be the next Quadrophenia and fail miserably! Pleased to say, this is not one of those films and I loved it! Set in today's times with a simple feel good plot, this film has all the makings of being a true British Classic! From start to finish the loveable characters take you on a heartwarming emotion journey to Brighton. Watch out for these great new young actors, they should go far! Finally it was great to see the lovely Jesse Birdsall (an old crush from 'The Fear' & 'Eldorado' days). I hope to see more of you soon!! Anyway that's it for now... go see it NOW!

Reviewed by tracieanncook 2 / 10 / 10

Must see mod movie.

This film was worth the wait, really liked the young characters in the film. Ticks all the mod movie boxes so mods will love it. Its storyline is good so it's a film which will be enjoyable for anyone who can relate to ever being a teenager too.

Reviewed by casinclair 2 / 10 / 10

A bit limp.

Sorry, I don't get the 10/10 thing. Must be me. It failed as a road movie, just not enough road shots and those that were there were clearly at about 5 mph in a park, too many convenient coincidences eased their path. The premise was fine, but too many angst ridden teenager shots. The final denouement was painful and, frankly, a bit cruel. The Kensit attempted seduction thing. Dearie me. Nice music, but not enough made of it. Sorry, not for me.

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