The Perfect Wave

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Cheryl Ladd as Alma
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Rachel Hendrix as Becky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by terramax-46940 1 / 10 / 10

An Advertisement for Christianity and Nothing More

Even the plot synopsis basically tells the entire story. A boy is "lost" and he finds God. That's it. That's all you need to know to decide whether you'll enjoy this title or not. If you're Christian, then you'll enjoy and support this for that sole reason. If you're not Christian, then unless you're in the mood for investing 100 minutes of your life, and perhaps some of your own hard cash to watch a glorified advertisement for Christianity try to convert you in the most cumbersome, unoriginal, forgettable way, there's no single reason to bother with this title. The film is so hell bent on hammering down the message that God is real (pun unintended) that it gives no secondary reason to watch. There's no care for character relationships nor is there an expanded, involving plotline. It doesn't even have an 'it's so bad it's good' element to it. It's not even comically preachy, which might have given it some value watching in an ironic way. Simply put, don't bother. You'll get more out of watching your clothes roll around in the watching machine. I feel sorry for everyone, including my GF and I, who spent money to watch this trite, thinking they were going to see either a love story or something akin to 'The Beach'.

Reviewed by Jua-Mari Strehler 1 / 10 / 10

A man has a out-of-body experience in which he comes face to face with God.

This is possibly the very worst movie I have ever seen. The camera-work is terrible. It was awkward and there was no movement. There were too many static shots. The scenes were awkward. The sound was terrible. Bad mistakes were made like not mixing properly or not adding atmosphere. Voices were overdubbed and you could really tell because they didn't bother to add background sounds in. I've seen many student projects with much better sound. The story bears almost no resemblance to the story on which it is based. Listening to a 5 minute clip of the man on who the story is based is much better. That's pretty bad considering that they used an incredible amount of resources to make a feature. Most of the film is spent surfing all over the world, which isn't entirely integral to the story and probably cost a lot of unnecessary money. The cast seemed universally terrible, which would indicate that the directing wasn't great. Some of the cast members weren't actors and you could really tell. There's really no reason to watch this movie, not even if you are a Christian hoping to support the Christian filmmakers and cast of the movie. The movie makes Christians out to be hippy freaks that just read You Version and lose all interest in the activities that they love. This movie certainly did more harm than good to Christianity.

Reviewed by jvanheycop 1 / 10 / 10

Religious preaching in an otherwise okay-ish surfing movie

This is another one of *those* movies, you know the kind. The kind that starts out pretty decent (5.5 scraping the barrel territory, but still) and then out of nowhere gets into some forced religious message about someone finding God. (looking at you Cokeville Miracle) Stay away! Stay far away! PS Its not just that there is a religious message here. I've enjoyed several films with religious/spiritual themes before (Book of Eli) but its just so ridiculously hamfisted, shoe-horned and badly written here. PPS the films marketing deserves a special note, it doesn't make it clear at all that there is a religious message here. It seems like its deliberately set up to bring "unbeliefers" to the fold.

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