The Perfect Weapon

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Johnny Messner as Pauly
Richard Tyson as The Watcher / Scopophilio
Steven Seagal as Harlan Banks
Vernon Wells as Phillip
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bearsss 4 / 10 / 10

Oh the twists

First off, this movie is awful, it has very few redeeming qualities. Segal has a really weird creepy role where he touches some poor girl and then shows people he knows basic martial arts. The end of the movie however, makes this an amazingly awful movie. It has twists, like 7 in a row. Who knew a movie with almost no plot could have so many twists. I both hated and loved this trash bag. Worth a good laugh.

Reviewed by Wavester 4 / 10 / 10

This Movie is just Terrible

I am not going to go into how bad this movie is - I see others on this page have done an excellent job of describing that. I just wanted to add my voice to theirs. It's such a shame. Since Above the Law, I was a BIG Fan of SS. But since his direct-to-video movies of late, the quality has gone down and down and down. This movie is awful. I really hope he stops making movies like this. And Johnny Messner, don't get my started with that guy. The last movie (and only, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt) I saw him in was Weaponized, and he was terrible in that as well. Not a great actor, at least so far. I really feel bad for anyone who bought this movie. If you can, try to get your money back.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10 / 10

Nothing is what it seems

The film takes place in 2029, however it is more like Orwell's "1984." The Director (Steven Seagal) is watching and uses The Controller (Richard Tyson) to maintain law and order through operators such as Condor (Johnny Messner). He is tasked to put down the rebellion, those who speak about freedom, although those against government oversight look like organized crime...a film with all bad guys. Condor fails a mission and is destined for "reprogramming" but things don't go as planned. Once Steven Seagal shows up, the movie goes downhill. This time he didn't even pretend to fight, and listening to him talk about spinal nerve connections and massage was more of a laugh than anything. The film has twists you don't see coming, the final one was simply for the sake of having a twist, and it was dumb, most likely a Seagal insertion. Guide: Brief sex and nudity

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