The Plot Against the President


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tracy-97320 9 / 10 / 10

A hard watch to be honest

I found this fascinating but at the same time rather sad that certain factions within the government deem themselves to be above everyone & responsible to no-one! The hate that them combined with media to discredit genuine hardworking government officials is quiet frankly the most un-patriotic thing I have ever seen & they all seriously need to be held accountable, just like they would've burned trump if they had found anything to do with Russia but they have nothing but never came out and said they had nothing either!

Reviewed by briant-6 10 / 10 / 10

A great spy thriller. Too bad it's true.

I'm by nature doubtful and suspicious of conspiracy theories. But stitching together what I've read in the popular media over the past three years with this film, my eyes are opened. A former liberal, I'm disturbed by the disinformation campaign waged against U.S. citizens by the Department of Justice and the Democrat party. The whole Russian collusion and subsequent fake news that has been perpetuated on us is embarrassing and shameful.

Reviewed by soinked 10 / 10 / 10

God Bless Patriots!!

This movie is a modern day Paul Revere ride. Doing the informative heavy lifting that none of the mainstream media has, or will. The Director does a beautiful job of delivering an ugly reality. These are hands down the bravest men and women currently on America's domestic battlefield. Risking it all to make sure that those who attempted the assassination of American Democracy and its President are held accountable. This domestic terrorism is the new battlefront, and America needs to be dialed in to that reality.

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