The Pretty One

Comedy / Drama

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September 11, 2020


Danny Pudi as Arash
Jake Johnson as Basel
Zoe Kazan as Laurel / Audrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nnom 9 / 10 / 10

Zoe Kazan... I need to say more? I feel like that should be enough. Fine. More. Her best movie? No, but I gave it a 9 to offset the mouth breathers (NO NUDITY--SUX)...but, while I feel it's not her best by a long shot, I doubt many others could have pulled off the premise and its attendant consequences. Bonus, John Carroll Lynch (look him up), veteran character actor, is asked for so much more in this film than I've seen asked of him before...and he delivers. There's an intense scene near the's honestly worth the price of admission. Didn't know he had it in him. Watch it. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Zahira26 7 / 10 / 10

A heartfelt and beautiful film

Zoe Kazan and Jake Johnson are stunning in this film! A quirky gem in the vein of Safety Not Guaranteed, Ruby Sparks, Drinking Buddies, Enough Said and The Spectacular Now. Although the storyline may be a bit out there, it is very believable and enjoyable. There are some poignant moments that are beautifully portrayed and you can relate to many of the characters in some way. The Perfect One is worth the watch. p.s. I loved the wardrobe they used in this film, think Girls meets Pretty Little Liars. I was upset there weren't more special features on the DVD!

Reviewed by larrys3 7 / 10 / 10

Once I Accepted the Premise the Movie Grew On Me

Once I accepted the premise of this movie, which in itself is not easy to do, it grew on me and overall I came to like it. In my opinion, this is the type of movie that if one just goes with the flow, and doesn't try to look too closely beneath the plot surface, it can be enjoyable. Zoe Kazan does a fine job here, starring in a dual role of the identical twin sisters Laurel and Audrey. They're polar opposites in personality, with Laurel being introverted and self-doubting, while Audrey is outgoing and vivacious. Laurel is still living at home with her father Frank (John Carroll Lynch) with whom she has a co-dependent relationship, while Audrey has a successful career going in real estate and owns a duplex in town. However, one day while driving together they get distracted, and end up in a terrible head-on collision, where Laurel is seriously injured and Audrey is killed. Due to the fact that Laurel is wearing an ID bracelet imprinted with Audrey's name on it (which Audrey had just given to Laurel on their birthday to be a constant reminder of her), the doctors and even Frank think that Audrey survived the crash and that Laurel was the one killed. When Laurel is diagnosed with post-traumatic amnesia a lot of any inconsistencies can be explained away. Since Laurel thinks her life compared to her sister's was miserable, Laurel decides to maintain the charade, eventually moves into the duplex and even Audrey's job. At the duplex, she meets her tenant Basel, very effectively portrayed by the underrated actor Jake M. Johnson, whose performance in "Drinking Buddies" I liked quite a lot. Basel is quite the nice guy, selling used books over the internet and loaning others to neighborhood kids. You can see the attraction building between Basel and Laurel, and I thought the chemistry between the two worked exceptionally well. However, as circumstances will eventually warrant, Laurel may have to disclose who she really is, causing all kinds of reactions and chaos. Overall, I thought this film ably written and directed by Jenee Lamarque, can lose its' way at times, but can also be poignant and humorous as well, and as mentioned if one is willing to just accept the premise there are rewards here, in my opinion.

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