The Princess and the Pirate

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Francis Ford as Hank
Victor McLaglen as Bull Brackett
Walter Brennan as Eddie
Walter Slezak as Willi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Doylenf 7 / 10 / 10

Hope at his zaniest in featherweight swashbuckling comedy...

This one is so much better than Hope's later romp in the swashbuckling genre called CASANOVA'S BIG NIGHT. VIRGINIA MAYO displays comic flair as Princess Margaret, the lovely Technicolor photography doing her full justice as the costumed princess running away from the villains with the cowardly Sylvester the Great (BOB HOPE) at her side. Hope is at his comic best, delivering every line with the sort of casual flair for comedy that served him so well during his early years at Paramount. But having the most fun are VICTOR McLAGLEN as the hook-bearing pirate with a devilish gleam in his eye; WALTER BRENNAN as the maniacal, half-witted pirate called Featherbrain who relishes every scene and gives one of his best supporting role performances; and WALTER SLEZAK as the wicked man who wants the treasure map and Mayo for his own. Not to be outclassed by these comic performances, we also have HUGO HAAS as the cabaret owner who shares some priceless one-liners with Hope who auditions for a job in his cabaret. The drinking scene is one of the highlights of the film. Directed at a frantic pace by David Butler, this is one of Hope's most enjoyable romps and it's all dressed up in fancy Technicolor and lavish sets and costumes. Not to be missed, if you're a Hope fan.

Reviewed by daninthemix 10 / 10 / 10

Those were the days...

One of an increasingly rare breed of cinema - a comedy that actually makes you laugh, and as the fella above says, without relying on smut or toilet humour, but pure comic genius delivered with finesse by Bob Hope and the rest of the supporting cast. P and the P manages to also deliver a top of the range swashbuckling adventure which immerses you within minutes and keeps you there until the end. The Princess and the Pirate is a charming example of how comedies used to be - and is as infinitely watchable now as I can only assume it was then (me being all of 20 at time of writing!). It is certainly as delightful as when I first saw it at age 10 or so, with none of the cheesiness or insincerity that becomes apparent with many childhood favourites when I revisit them years later. And that, I suppose, is the definition of the word 'timeless'.

Reviewed by Find_The_Light 10 / 10 / 10

Why don't you die like a man? Because I'd rather LIVE like a woman!

I want to thank Robbolini for reminding me of that excellent line from the movie, one of my favorite Bob Hope lines ever! What can you say about this movie, A TRUE CLASSIC, A GEM, HILARIOUS? Yes all of these. Bob Hope proves he's the King of Comedy with a truckload of his classic one liners, as the cowardly SYLVESTER THE GREAT, by chance runs into the runaway Princess, Margaret, portrayed by the BEAUTIFUL VIRGINIA MAYO. Walter Slezak as Governor La Roche & Victor McLaglen as the HOOK are trying to get Ms. Mayo & Bob runs interference with help of Walter Brennan, ie Featherhead...the plot is funny & entertaining, as is the scene in the bar when Bob is forced to drink a few "short beers", which are actually pitchers of beer... All the bad guys want Virginia Mayo, ie Princess Margaret & the map for the buried treasure...the film culminates with an awesome climax & a twist ending! BOB HOPE AT HIS ABSOLUTE BEST, A MUST SEE CLASSIC!

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